Russ Aimz - Alexandrite (A tribute to Ned Kelly) Russ Aimz - Alexandrite (A tribute to Ned Kelly)
Article By Kath on Jul 1, 2003


Russ Aimz is a Melbourne musician who has written a song about Ned Kelly called 'Alexandrite'. Fitting in these times with the movie and exhibition out now.

Not ususlly the type of thing I review but here it is anyway.

The song is acousticy, fiddle, piano, etc, and is played well enough. Russ' voice is ok but it's no Paul Kelly.

The song is a long one and the lyrics are basically the whole story of Ned Kelly, so lyrically it's great and I'm sure there are parts of colloquial Australia that would lap it up. 

An interesting fact on the CD sleeve is that apparantly Ned Kelly had a rare type of eyes that sometimes gleamed an astonishing deep red when he became excited. This is called 'Alexandrite' (hence the name of the song) and is named after a semiprecious stone, 'chrysoberyl' which appears dark green in the daylight and deep red in artificial light.

Learn something new everyday!

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