By Kath Rusty Barnacles CD
Article By Kath on Jul 13, 2004


With 12 tracks in total, this music is not for the faint-hearted.

This is basically industrial/metal/rock stuff with mainly spoken vocals. Heavy, man.

First track 'Murder, He Wrote' is pretty catchy with the heavy guitars and vocals blending together. After that, it's more of the same.

The bio provides a track listing that goes through every track, which I don't have the time to go into, but there are some great song titles here, as always. 'Fangs for the Memories,'  'I see deaf people,'  'Hella (Not so) good',  and 'Chasing Amy (with a hatchet)'. Nice!

There are some good ideas on this CD and it's done well, although after a while the tracks do start to blend into eachother as they all sound pretty similar, but I guess that's the point!

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