By Adam

SCREWTAPE : Shit On You. Betrayer

Article By adam on Feb 11, 2005


Artist: Screwtape
 Album: Shit On You. Betrayers
 Label: DIY
Format: CDr

 The first track is called Atomic Mass and listening to it i get the feelings of being on a battle ground, its like the background noise to the battle particularly these high pitch sounds that are like they are coming right at you and then flying over your head. Nuclear Transubstantiation is like an engine revving, like some huge death weilding HK or something. I can hear it moving over the rough terrain, there are subtle sounds like it is just crushing masses of things so easily, slowly, slowly getting closer  while i am somehow trapped, this noise is getting closer and i know it brings death. i can see but i cant hear it, there is no major build up it is more like its coming, but maybe it isnt, no it is coming, wait maybe it has stalled on something, hang on a second it is coming and i am fucked. This genre of music has always brought to mind armageddon scenarios for me, even the tracknames on this release give me thoughts of nuclear blasts and burning bodies. Allah Tetragrammaton has more changes in the sound, psychedelic isnt the best word for it but the only one i can come up with, it also faster paced then the previous tracks. This music is pure and when i think that i cannot help but think of Woody Harrelson as Mickey in Natural Born Killers when he says "Murder is pure". Maybe you need a good imagination for this type of music, i think it does help. and just before it ends i get a phone call saying i got two speeding tickets in one day in my girlfriends car. talk about armageddon.

01 Atomic Mass
02 Nuclear Transubstantiation
03 Fire In The Temple
04 Allah Tetragrammaton

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