Article By Kath Silverchair-Diorama
Article By Kath on May 16, 2002


This CD is definately a grower. It's really incredible how Silverchair have progressed over the years. From their wanna-be Nirvana, Pearl Jam days to now, which is basically a totally different band. It took me a while to be in the mood to listen to this CD in it's entireity. I must admit to being a person of very diverse taste and I'd bought Pink's new CD too (Shock, horror!) and was listening to that a lot but when I made the effort to get into the new Silverchair offering, I was very impressed.
Daniel Johns songwriting is amazing. Standouts being The Greatest View (the first single) and the first song Across the Night which sounds like two seperate songs.
Do yourself the old favour, because you won't be disappointed!