Sleepy Township-All these records, singles and rarities 1994-2000 Sleepy Township-All these records, singles and rarities 1994-2000
Article By Kath on Nov 27, 2002


Sleepy Township were from Melbourne (via Perth) and have a singles and rarities CD out as apparantly the band has ended. Kath had a listen.

Some good ideas here, that of the badly-recorded indie pop variety.

These kinda bands love recording in their bedrooms and that's fine 'cause I've done the same thing in the past (though since progressed from that) and I guess you can tell if the song is good whether the production is great or not.

The CD's sleeve has a detailed and well written bio about the history of the band and all the songs on the CD which makes interesting reading.

'Sleepy Township song' is a really cool upbeat jangly song which I guess is the band's theme song.

'Winter Room' features the girl singer and is good too as is 'On Line' and the other songs sung by her. She sounds a little like Claire Grogen of Altered Images, a U.K pop band from the 80's, all you kiddies out there!  

I think I prefer the girl singer as she sounds cutesy, the guy's a tad out of tune for my liking.

There's a lot of songs on this CD, 20 in all, but they are all pretty short and straight to the point.

The CD is available through The Lost and Lonesome Recording Company.

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