Adam reviews the Spazzmodics CD Vermin Perm. Spazzmodics - Vermin Perm
Article By adam on Oct 2, 2003


Artist: Spazzmodics
 Album: Vermin Perm
 Label: Dual Plover
Format: CD
  CAT#: QET 932

 It toook me about two weeks of listening to be able to imagine what i was going to write about this album, i was thinking i could say it sounded sampled but its more then that or i cold say it is experimental but its more then that, after seeing the guys do there thing live i have come to the conclusion that this album is fun. The album starts off with some old crooner singing "chicks, kicks, cats, cool, i love..." and then repeated, this line has been going around in my head and the head of my girlfriend ever since i first listened. I recognise samples all through this and i like to try and work out where the samples came from, call it a hobby, the only sample i could pick was in track number 3 i think i recognise a snare drum from Tone Loc's wild thing. Track 3 titled 'Mind On The Tutle" is a very nice and cruisy track, laid back in fact i like the drums a lot. "Giant Crow Man With Perm" number 6 is an interesting tale of something, i havent picked it up yet but the voice used and the insect like samples make it all sound very scientific. Number 8 titled "Whimsical Man Boobs" sounds to me like the backing track to a Bugs Bunny cartoon i would love to see it used to that effect, it could be the next big thing like the one with elmer fudd in the barbers chair while bugs does the shaving accompanied by an orchestra. Track 15 isnt credited and sounds like Bill Cosby having a bit of a bitch. Another great Dual Plover album that defies categorising. The is also an interestingly distorted picture on the back of the album of two wrestlers.

01 Spazz Intro
02 Boys Tumbling
03 Mud On The Turtle
04 An Unnatural Act
05 Mike
06 Giant Crow Man With Perm
07 Xmas Genitals
08 Whimsical Man Boobs
09 Kenith
10 Brad
11 Buffet
12 Jhoba
13 Spastic Horst
14 Insulted Outro

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