Stringmansassy - Beautiful Day review by Kath. Stringmansassy - Beautiful Day
Article By Kath on Jul 8, 2003


Stringmansassy are a Queensland duo with a CD out called 'Beautiful Day.'It is full of beautiful tunes.

This is chillout, jazzy stuff, really beautiful and sparse. Some lovely guitar work from Aaron Hopper and soulful and melodic vocals from Kacey Patrick.

This is not kiddie music, it's for adults who appreciate real music and I could even hear a lot of this sort of music used in films.

It's a ten-track CD so I won't go through the songs track by track, but it really is beautiful music and any music fans out there who are looking for something different to the usual drivel that gets shoved down our throats, should check out the maturity and grace of Stringmansassy.

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