Supafish CD Review Supafish
Article By Cindy James on Dec 2, 2002


Hailing out of Brisbane’s northern suburbs, come eight-piece punk/ska outfit Supafish.


Brought together by seven boys and one girl proves that chicks do have the power to rock out!

This Eight-track E.P features strong drum and bass sections content with explosive saxophone tones, being over laced with rough vocal soundings.

This is a more direct fusion of punk with ska influences. Contains strong rock steady undertones that are keeping the punk with horns feel. I found the outfit to stream tight musicianship and the disc well composed for an eight-piece outfit. They definitely succeed in the "feet tappin and head noddin" department. There’s even a secret drum solo track thrown in. The dual vocals, single trumpet, single trombone, turntables, drums, a guitarist and bassist bring this diverse, yet experimental punk/ska outfit to completion.

Great work and I give the disc a 3.5 out of 5