Adam reviews the System Corrupt CD. System Corrupt (CD)
Article By Adam on Jun 6, 2002

Artist: System Corrupt
Album: System Corrupt
Label: System Corrupt

The album opens with a Bill Hicks sample so you know its going to be a journey but definately not going to be too serious. The first track a nice ragga jungle hardcore track is by Al Corrupt who I have not heard before, this first track I like a lot. Most of the artists on this compilation are Australian as far as I know except for Core-Tex Labs from France and Anti Kati from NZ, most of the artists I have heard before and a lot have albums out that I have also. Fraughman has been around for some time releasing on Bloody Fist and his own Extreme Electronics label, his music is very very noisy and his new project along slightly different lines called Diablo Negro sounds fantastic also. Track 3 is a lot of screaming with fast hardcore beats and if this is something that turns you on then this track will please, it is by Passenger Of Shit who has a couple of CDR albums available for purchase. Track 6 is a slow beaty hardcore electro song that I find hard to explain besides what I have written now, found myself drawn into listening to the whole track very intently. Track 8 is by 7? who until this CD I only knew as a visual artist making zines, videos and designing the cd layouts for various local musicians, this is a short song with some Hawaiian music in the background (can't recall the name of the instrument but there is a smiling old black guy with dreads that gets about Sydney playing one, I have seen him in the pitt street mall and at circular key) with droning noises and screaming/growling over the top. The Pilfernators have a CD on Elefant Traks, one on Powerviolence, a few 12"s and I think they have also released some of there own CDRs, Null Object is about to release an EP on Clan Analogue, Maladroit has an album on Powerviolence and Mainstream is about to release a 12". Number 14 is an interesting story of a guy that was beaten up in high school, he also describes various other things throughout the song until the end when he sparks up a conversation with some friends about how he cannot get an erection anymore. As the Rebirth Of Fool Volume 2 was to experimental music, this album is a good introduction to the extreme hardcore music coming out of Sydney at this point in time.

01 Al Corrupt - Theme
02 Fraughman - Onslaught
03 Passenger Of Shit - Slice Your Rectum
04 The Pilfernators - Didn't Prepare
05 Al Corrupt - Hut 24
06 Composite Of Negatives - Karmic Disaster
07 Null Object - Jerry (Walked The Fine Line)
08 7? - Bleed For Me
09 Toecutter - I.Q. Puncture
10 Maladroit - Corner Terrors
11 Core-Tex Labs - Castarass
12 7? - Radio
13 Main$tream - Oil Truck Spill
14 Scruts With Guns - Dental Hair
15 Mute Freak - Magma Finder
16 Anti Kati - Erroneous Kinetics..

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