Kath reviews the debut album from Tamas Wells. Tamas Wells - A Mark on the Pane
Article By Kath on Jun 30, 2004


'A Mark on the Pane' is Tamas Wells debut album. This band have been on the up and up for a while now and have recieved great reviews for this CD.

Produced by Tim Whitten, who has produced The Clouds amongst others ( The Clouds are one of my all-time favourite bands in the entire universe ) this is a CD of 10  beautiful melodic indie pop songs.

First track 'When we do fail Abigail' has had some good press, comparing it to Lennon and McCartney. It does have those qualities and is a very sweet song, complete with delicious harmonies and simple acoustic guitar. It's a standout track.

'Broken by the Rise' brings in some more instrumentation with soft drums and piano. 

Next track 'Chandeliers' is more sparse with sweet melodies throughout.

'Reduced to Clear' is acousticy with the harmonies ever-present and has that laid-back feel, almost a bit like The Lucksmiths slower tempo stuff.

'Petit Mal at a Grand Occasion' is a short instrumental. It sounds a lot like film music.

'Even in the Crowds' is very Beatle-esque, especailly in the vocal melody.

'Annalee Argyle' has a great guitar melody that flows through-out, building up.

'Segue in gm' (I presume gm is G Minor) is another, even shorter, instrumental and 'If you bring me aubergines' is another sweet ditty.

Closer 'A dark horse will either run first or last' is a  piano instumental and also sounds like it belongs on a film soundtrack. In fact a lot of Tamas Wells music has that filmic quality.

All in all a quality release you should definitely get your hands on and it's a breath of fresh air in a time where dirty rock 'n' roll is assaulting Melbourne's ears.

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