Kath's review of the CD from The Forresters called Skindeep. The Forresters - Skindeep
Article By Kath on Apr 14, 2004


The Forresters are a Sydney-based band with a CD out called Skindeep.

This band is a real ensemble of talent including players from Big Heavy Stuff, Eva Trout (those Eva Trout guys are everywhere!) and The Orange Humble Band, amongst others.

The CD is also produced by big name in the industry, Wayne Connolly.

The first track 'Are you Ready' is my fave song. All swirly, hook-laden pop with melodic vocals. Great stuff.

Next track 'Fool in Love' is more on the rock side and 'Outtamyhead' is slower paced and more country-ish.

'Tremblin' is slower too with some nice female harmonies throughout.

Won't go through every single track as there are quite a few but it pretty much continues along in the same alt-country way and has some nice moments.

The CD is out through Tom Thumb Records and you can buy the CD on-line at www.tomthumbrecords.com

or for more info on the band email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.