The Juliana Theory – Love The Juliana Theory – Love
Article By Cindy James on Jun 21, 2003


The Juliana Theory have come to the release of their 4th studio album ‘Love’.

To coincide with the release of this disc, the band is currently touring Australia with One Dollar Short. I haven’t yet seen the outfit in flesh, but if they’re as intense live as their music is on their new album, I’ll be in heaven.


Love showcases the bands emotionally charged rock, entwined with a vocal contrast between conventional singing, soft whispering and gut wrenching screaming.  The album composition doesn’t compare to the highly acclaimed ‘Emotion Is Dead’ but is definitely a step forward in the bands musical progression.


The disc opens with ‘Bring It Low’ which is currently getting a lot of radio airplay. The track is very guitar orientated with a mid-tempo rock coating. Also featuring upon the album, once again, is ‘into the dark’. A fantastic song, but why the band re-released the song on this album, I don’t know?