By kath The Shine-Copping it Sweet
Article By Kath on Oct 5, 2002


If the Rocky Horror Show was a band it would be The Shine. The Shine are a Melbourne 70's inspired Glam Rock band that have a new EP out called 'Copping it Sweet.'

This is The Shine's 2nd CD. Their first was 'Support your Local Rock Gods' which came out last year. The Shine are not all style and no substance judging by this EP. Although they have a penchant for stylish costumes, make-up and big rock shows, they actually have the songs to back it up. These tunes are big rock anthems in a 70's way, think early Bowie, (especially in singer Julian James) T-Rex, etc...I had heard of this band before but hadn't heard their music.(One great thing about this column I write is getting all sorts of CDs sent to me so I can actually put the music to the name!)

The EP starts off with a huge audience roar, making me think it was recorded live, but I don't think it was! 'Over' is the first track and it's all big rock melody, backing vox and mean guitar with a bit of wah-wah thrown in. You can hear how the band would definitely rock live and put all those shoe-gazer bands to shame.

Second track 'Diesel' rocks a little slower but still with the same energy and passion. There's this guitar bit between the verse and chorus that is so Kiss, can't remembeer the song though!

'Whatcha Gonna Do' is next up with a huge chorus all chanting Whatcha gonna Do....they strip it back near the end which is always a great effect, especially with just bass, drums and vocals.

Closer 'Flame On' starts off sounding like a Green Day song! (They'll probably kill me for that!) but soon turns back into The Shine form of Rock.

I haven't seen this band live but I'm sure they would rock big time and seem to bring back the fun of a long lost era. Kids today should switch off the techno and switch onto The Shine.

You'd like this CD if you like 70's inspired glam rock. (And even if you don't you'd probably still like it!)

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