By Adam Toecutter - Real Sexual People : An Album For Making Sweet Love
Article By adam on Jul 31, 2004

Artist: Toecutter Album: Real Sexual People Label: System Corrupt Format: CD CAT#: The first thing about this CD is the artwork. Congratulations on the great parody of Motley Crue's Dr Feelgood album logo. The photo on the front is amazing and it wouldnt do it justice to describe, this must be seen to really be appreciated. So its a sexual album right at first glance from the art and the title. Track 1 is an intro with smaples of people saying Toecutter and System Corrupt, quite a few Australian samples i like to hear. Next comes white noise then into breaks and white noise beats and very scattered cut up samples which is what this album is all about.A nice guitar riff comes in and just when i am really getting into it it goes and is replaced by another nice sound and the pattern continues. Its dance music for Discordians. For anyone that needs a comparison the only artist i can think of is Stunt Rock but really this is just more scattered. Barbie Girl cut up with Motley Crue is nice with some input from the 'i like to move it move it' guy. The sixty minutes tick sounds like it is distorted and thrown in there at the start and other parts. I would love to sit here all day and name all the voice and music samples i hear in each track, thats half the fun for me but i wont bore everyone with that because i am sure not all are as into that as i. Track 5 is the grat back and crack song from the Ministry Of Shit compilation. Track 6 is from the GPFS compilation and is a very nice cut up of dont call me baby called Baby Dont Call Me. 12 is more scattered dancing to Relax when you want to come more solid dancing at 17 and number 18 is the anthem with Eye Of The Tiger and more scatteredness. 23 is a remix by Sokuseki Men that is very nice and the finale mixes a fine Daft Punk track, the one that says 'blah in the house.. yeah', cant recall the name nut this track Toecuter adds his own people in the house and seems to give a shout out to mates etc. heard Chad Morgan, Cobra Killer and System Corrupt mentioned. Wait after the end to hear what this music is all about, its all about making slow sweet love. 01 BALLS OF ROCK 02 FUCKING UP THE INDUSTRY 03 Come on Barbie 04 Striving for Peace between Mac and PC users 05 SHIT ON ME 06 Baby Don't Call Me 07 Pointless 08 DMX on tick 09 Friends 10 You tell 'em Laurie 11 SODOMECSTASY 12 RELAX [canberramolotovmix] 13 Taoists Are Sluts 14 Mike Foreshore can EAT A DICK 15 NU LO 16 You,Me,Carpark,NOW 17 GrAVEYARD HATERS 18 Parramatta Road 19 Pro War Goth 20 KILL INTELLIGENT JOCKS 21 seas of lovers 22 Lucky 23 Big Toe Blues [Sokuseki Men RMX] 24 Music Sounds Better With Me [w/ Al Corrupt] 25 No THanks 1 Relavent Links: