Cd review by kath. Transtar - People Against the Sea
Article By Kath on Jul 8, 2003


Transtar have their debut album out called 'People Against the Sea'. I had a listen and was relieved it wasn't cock-rock!

It's great to hear something that doesn't sound like Jet, The Casanovas or The Datsuns or the next big cock-rock-thing that all the middle-aged baby-boomers are raving about because it's the music they grew up with.

Who cares!!! I hate cock-rock!!!

The music I grew up with and the first band to infiltrate my young ears was the pure melodic pop of Abba. Like em or hate em, I don't care, but one thing they had was MELODY and I have been a melody - junkie ever since!

Transtar have melody, and lots of it. Not unlike the chillout-ish U.K explosion of Coldplay and Travis, where their music would fit right in.

I think they are from Sydney, as that's where their CD was recorded, (correct me if I'm wrong, as thier bio doesn't say where they're from) with Wayne Connolly producing, who also worked with You Am I and Silverchair, no mean feat indeed.

There's eleven songs on this CD making it a full-length album, so I won't go through the songs track by track as it'll take too long, I'll just say that I think they're all good and I will be listening to this CD again, for sure. All I'll say is the band are fans of the 'long song' and there's not a lot of tunes under 3 minutes here, especially last track 'Spinning' which nearly goes for ten minutes! (Or is that a hidden track at the end?)

Transtar are a great band with maturity, emotional depth, great vocals, and they know how to write a tune. Check em out when they next play near you.

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It's great when I am actually sent stuff I like cos I get to keep the CD!

Good work guys.