Kats spins out a A review of the Vantage relase called All that is new. Vantage - All that is new
Article By Kath on Oct 1, 2003


Vantage are a Melbourne band that have been doing well lately and have an EP out called 'All that is new.'

Title track 'All that is new' seems to be the single or lead track and is a really cool song. Groove-laden bass and drums through-out and a mighty vocal from singer Sash. With so many male "singers" out there it is always pleasant to the ear to hear someone who can actually sing.

Next track 'Dream Aloud' is also a good song. The strong production on the CD comes from Hothouse Studios. It has a huge sound and is very radio-friendly.

'Red Star' starts with beautiful melodic keyboards and guitars. It's a fast and furious song when it gets going.

'Open Air' is pretty  rocky as well with fuzzy guitars and vocals.

The closer is '(Waitin' for) Revolution Day' which is a quieter tune with a big instrumental ending.

All in all a quality release from this Melbourne band.

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