By kath Wake Ups CD Review
Article By Kath on Sep 26, 2002



The Wake Ups are a Sydney mob you may or may not have heard of.

Previously known as The Scruffs the band has played a lot of shows in Europe but not too many in hometown Sydney. The guys are (and were) in a selection of various Sydney bands, most notably Eva Trout, who guitarist Matt was in until recently.

Produced and engineered by Eva Trout's drummer Michael Carpenter, the CD is full of great guitar pop not akin to bands like You am I, who the band has supported.

'Wanna Meet the Wake Ups' contains 12 tracks and some really cool songs. Opener 'Let you Down' has a Motown inspired drumbeat and hey guess what! Singer Ryan can actually sing! Surely an incredible achievement in itself considering all the talentless warblers out there. He has a really melodic vocal that suits the songs perfectly.

There's something a bit Clash-y about 'What's the Big Idea's' verses, must be that bass riff with the drums. They get a tad country on 'Second Time Around' complete with organ, get back to rock basics on 'Trash' and totally mellow out with only acoustic guitar and vocal on 'It's Not Me.'

This CD's really diverse, which is great because who wants to hear one long song anyway? I don't know if it's just me (it could very well be!) but does the music on track ten 'My Friends are so Boring' sound just like Madonna's 'Material Girl?' I wonder if the band did this deliberately or if I'm just an 80's reject? Probably the later, but it's a great song anyway.

Closer 'You make me Nervous' rocks out as all good closers should. Unreal guitar riff complete with wah-wah and distorted vocals.

Hey, I like this CD! Check it out on Laughing Outlaw Records.