Wireless demo Wireless demo
Article By Kath on May 4, 2003


Wireless are a duo from Melbourne who sent me their demo recently.

Their bio is obviously tongue in cheek and the CD sleeve has strange descriptions of the four songs on the demo.Trent plays keyboards and sings and Gareth plays guitar, violin and sings too.

First track 'Fistful of Coupons' is a difficult song to categorise. It's obviously very demo-ish in it's recording. The vocals, guitar, keyboards and melody are pretty good but that really cheap drum machine playing the same thing all the way through kinda ruins it for me.

Next up is 'All I want is you' which is a cover of a U2 song. The drums are much better on this track. They do it in a country-tinged way and it's pretty cool in a tongue in cheek kinda way.

'Inanimate' is next up. That drum machine is back again. It's more atmospheric and slower with vocals drenched in effects. Some good ideas here.

Last track is 'Leather Pants Lady' which is a funkier track. Ten out of ten for diversityand not taking themselves too seriously!

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