Article By Adam W.I.T - Next V.2
Article By Adam on Aug 8, 2002

Artist: W.I.T
Album: Next V.2
Label: W.I.T Recordings
Format: 3" CD
CAT#: 2002

Artist: W.I.T
Album: Some Of W.I.T
Label: W.I.T Recordings
Format: CD
CAT#: 2000

Next v.2 is a fantastic single track that flows through a wide variety of samples and noises creating some great images in my mind. Starting with a sound like someone rubbing there hand over a mic very subtly, moving onto a voice sample of 'why' repeated erratically in various pitches along with the wind. The next bit is my favourite I get a picture of a tap with data running out if it instead of water, that’s what this sounds like to me, it keeps flowing while a throbbing noise becomes more noticeable then stops. Everything flows nicely especially the flowing data sound in to a high pitch throb with subtle glitches in the background, then it goes on and on and on with more interesting visual inducing sounds for 19 minutes.
Some Of W.I.T is a recording from 2000/2001 and is more great sounds and samples that create visuals in the minds of those so inclined. The first tracks is high pitched and for me conjured up an image of some kind of string being plucked, track number 2 was made up of knocking sounds and number three of hums, tones and pulses. Track six becomes bassier with shorts snippets of noise and at track eight it starts to become a little noisier. Track eleven has watery sounds and noise that cuts in and out of silence sounding like the end of the track, and then it isn’t, then it is, then it isn’t etc. Thirteen is a stuck cd and a cd skipping. Track 18 I began to wonder if it was a cover as there was a tune in it that I recognised but could not place, they were glitch y sounds and the track is called 'accuracy' maybe following some tune structure there. Both these releases are fine experimental recordings and I recommend for anyone that likes listening in the dark.
You can get your hands on W.I.T material direct from W.I.T (email me for contact), from or from Shame File Tapes.

01 Next v.2

01 remod
02 alpi
03 ic
04 origin
05 part 1
06 part 2
07 part 3
08 part 4
09 1
10 exd
11 vcr-9500
12 nvsd20
13 end of e
14 one
15 two
16 three
17 infinity zero
18 accuracy
19 6p
20 other
21 mono
22 egg

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