2003 Candle with Care concert

2003 Candle with Care concert

Article By Kath on Feb 16, 2003



The Corner Hotel


Candle Records have a fine roster of Australian talent and I was looking forward to my first Candle with Care concert. Tonight was a stellar line-up of eclectic indie pop with The Corner Hotel filling to almost capacity. First act off the ranks was Tim Oxley on the small stage. Though not overly familiar with his work apart from his guest appearance on Jodi Phillis' recent solo album, his country-tinged tunes were a relaxed start to the evening. Jodi soon joined him, the duo playing quite a few tunes together.

Next up was Golden Rough on the big stage. They are also of the country-tinged pop variety with mellow tunes and a nice smooth vocal delivery from the singer. They also proudly introduced their brand new drummer Raph Whittingham, formally of one of the greatest bands ever, The Clouds.

Speaking of The Clouds, a pregnant Jodi Phillis followed in solo acoustic mode doing many new tunes I hadn't heard before as well as some tracks from her 'In Dreams I Live' CD including 'All these Crazy Songs' and 'Leaves.' Tim Oxley also joined her on stage.

Anthony Atkinson followed. Starting solo but ending up with a whole band behind him, Anthony's stuff is more pop than country and he possess' a strong voice and good melodic songs which started to rev up the night which had been pretty sedate until then.

Ruck Rover were up next and provided us with the quirky pop of the evening with songs about English tourists and some really cool melodies and pop sensibilities. Hadn't heard a lot from these guys before but was more than impressed.

Following Ruck Rover was Triple J's favourite boy Darren Hanlon. With just him and his guitar he captivated the, by then, huge crowd and the fact he was solo yet commanded such interest was a testimony to his finely crafted pop tunes and clever lyrics. Newies were mixed with the staples from his excellent 'Hello Stranger' CD including 'Hiccups', his big Triple J hit 'Punks not Dead' (which was the only song in the Triple J Hottest 100 without a video!) and 'He misses you too, you know' with my favourite line, 'But you're still the girl who chops onions wearing swimming goggles…'

Darren also changed the lyrics in a few of these songs adding to their quirkiness and possessed a great sense of humour in between songs. It would be nice to hear some of these tunes live with a full band but he pulled off the solo thing admirably.


The Lucksmiths headlined the night and were in fine form indeed. They thanked the audience for their patience during the new songs but these songs were so good and so catchy, one listen and you were hooked anyway.

Highlights included 'The Cassingle Revival', 'Myopic Friends', 'A Downside to the Upstairs' and the excellent 'T-shirt Weather'. For those not in the know, The Luckies unconventional line-up of singer Tali singing and drumming up the front may at first be a strange concept but it doesn't take long until you get into it and couldn't imagine it any other way.

An awesome night was had by all in the least testosterone way as possible.