By Cindy

28 days, Hot Water Music, The Nation Blue

Article By Cindy James on Sep 1, 2002


Sunday night: September 8
- destination - Manly Fisho's
- why?


Summarised into one word.... ROCKN! Elaboration on that word... THIS SHOW!

The Nation Blue opened up tonight’s show, this being my first time seeing the Melbournites left I’m sure not only myself, but close to 95% of the other punters in the room in captivation. The guitarist's crazy antics were thrown over the stage as he completely let lose of his guitar and swung it too and froe around his body. Still managing to maintain playing the strings with both the back of his head/neck and rubbing against the ground as the singer gave his shout-outs, sung with every bit of emotion and energy it looked to have left in him.

That performance left our mouths open, and as HOT WATER MUSIC took to the stage, my jaw had now officially dropped.
The intense vibe the fast arising crowed threw, reflected from the band to what seemed to feel, ten times over. The room had been instantly filled with energy and amazement as we watched these Americans crank out tunes off their new album "Caution".


The immensity of the show grew as we re-located to the side of the stage to see the band in full effect. The guitarist was so into the music he was throwing out, that his eyes looked to be literally rolling into the back of his head and foot movements swirling to the rhythemn, taking to note that this did not at all appear to be drug induced.
It was incredible to see the passion pushed out via music and the effect it has on ones’ body.

As hot water music closed their set and 28 days approached the stage, the once large crowed had now been sliced in half. 28 Days opened with an old favourite "Sucker" gearing us punters up for what was yet to come. "Take Me Away", the brand new single off the new album "Stealing Chairs" was the third song introduced into the set. Having this tour welcome the bands' latest addition; drummer Vinnie to the stage brought a moment of sadness. Seeing the track played with a new level of emotion, knowing it had been written in inspiration to the be-lated Scott Murray.

As the set went on, my only ride home was leaving, and I too, unfortunately disappeared. I can only image the set continued to blow everyone else’s socks off and I'm waiting in anticipation of their next east coast tour.