By Cindy James. Antiskeptic, Dumbstruck, STR and Double Standard
Article By Cindy James on Jul 24, 2002

Sunday July 21st 2002
Caringbah bizzo’s is where we were headed today for this afternoon’s all age Antiskeptic show, along side Adelaide punksters STR, Sydney’s own Dumbstruck and Double Standard…. But all I can say at this stage, is that public transport sucks! With out doubt, you will almost always be late to where you need be! And that we were…

We arrived as Double Standard were hitting the stage, coming into the not-so-large crowed which indeed was soon to grow…

DS launched their set with fast foot tapping tunes that caught my eye, before drowning out with technical difficulties. Both the sound and bottom end clashed, which made this set sound way to heavy for my liking. Thankfully the problem was fixed up by the time STR hit the stage, blowing away the quick-to stand crowed. As the set progressed, a range of fast, intense, catchy tunes were over taken by long contrasted vocals that some of their more emo-core songs portrayed, leaving the crowed totally amped for Dumbstruck who were up next.

This 5 piece were quick to show us their stuff, punching out guitar orientated up beat melodies that really made me sit up and listen! A variety of songs off the forthcoming E.P ‘Twelve Buck Style’ were played, along side some old-crowed favourites.
Lead vocalist Matt Bain was nothing short of confidence, winning the crowed’s attention with his polished vocals and the bands catchy punk rock riffs.

Antiskeptic’s introduction to the stage was a little upholding, having a few on-stage difficulties, which lead to the breakage of Nick Coppel’s drum chair. From then on end I was more than impressed as they uprose back in to the set, rocking everyone’s socks off once again, timing in perfectly to where the song cut out.

This was my first time seeing tha’ rocking 3 piece and I was not disappointed! Antiskeptic soared through mostly new songs of their debut full length ‘Memoirs Of A Common Man’, bouncing all over the stage gaining a respectful nod with the beat from their fans who were too captivated by this high energised performance.