By Kath Atreyu CD Launch
Article By Kath on Aug 20, 2002

Atreyu had their CD Launch for their brand-spanking new EP 'Fabulous Secrets Revealed' recently and Kath was in the thick of it at one of the coolest and cosyest venues in town-The Empress.

I love The Empress. It has to be one of the best little venues in the Northern part of town. That and the Builders Arms. On the other side of town you of course can't beat the Espy and their great kitchen and Revolver's pretty cool too, but I digress.

Back to the Empress. Not only can you see some great live entertainment there but they also have very yummy food too
so I was happy when I learned that one of my fave Melbourne bands Atreyu were having their CD Launch there. I arrived early enough to an already pretty packed room and caught
first band on Hissy fit.

Hissyfit were featured on Girl Comp 1 and I personally loved their track 'Brilliance'. I've seen them play quite a few times now and really like their quirky ska-pop and
great toons.The sax is also a hightlight in their line-up.
The band seemed to be enjoyong themselves as did the ever increasing crowd.

Next up were Bidston Moss who I am also familiar with and have seen a number of times. They have the dual girly vocal thing happening and sing about things like cats, which is a great lyric you must admit! They follow the Clouds, Breeders angle. Sweet girly pop.

But the band of the night were Atreyu and they rocked! Probably the heavyest band of the night (if you can call them heavy!)they blistered through their power pop set in no-time showcasing the excellent songwriting and vocals of singer/guitarist Kirsty Letts. The band also consists of her sis Melissa on drums, Claire on bass and new-ish boy guitarist Tim.

Some great new songs from the CD included 'Strange Infatuation' which Kirsty explained was about being infatuated about someone until you meet them and then you realise they are a wanker! 'Get out of my head' is also another really cool song.

Atreyu are a cross between The Breeders, Pixies, Clouds, Belly, etc, excellent female led indie pop but with something of their own. Their music is uplifting and makes you wanna get up and boogie, as the packed crowd did.

They ended on an awesome version of the Buffy theme.
Great stuff.Lovers of melodic power-pop should check out Atreyu when they play next in your neck of the woods.

It was also a great line-up of bands all round. Kirsty actually commented on the evening's line-up being her dream line-up and now it's happened. It makes for a really great night when you can enjoy all three acts on the bill as opposed to a line-up that just doesn't go together musically or work. It makes the crowd want to stay the whole night, regardless of which band they've come to see.

Good stuff.