By Cindy Blueline Medic, Pilot To Gunner & Secondbest
Article By Cindy James on Oct 8, 2002



To have international sensations Pilot To Gunner turn up the heat along side Australia’s own Secondbest + Blueline Medic is one thing, the show on the same night as the NRL Football grand final is another altogether.


A Travel for nearly two hours to this gig at the Oxford Tavern in Wollongong saw us arrive late, coming half way through Secondbest’s opening song 'Goodbye', entertain the arriving crowed.

The NRL game was shown on the TV along side the stage, which seemed to be a slight deterrence as even the band became a little distracted during song change over, but once these Sydney emo punksters got back into swing, all eyes were upon Secondbest as tunes from their latest E.P release “Don’t Look Back” were punched out. 


Tonight’s show is Pilot To Gunner’s fourth in two days, having to jet set straight from a gig in Canberra saw these boys arrive fashionably delayed, Leaving enough time for the crowed to kick back with a few drinks and a well needed mingle. 


Before too long, a dash through the front doors were seen as Pilot To Gunner had arrived and were ready to rock! Opening their set with the title track off the album “Games at High Speeds” available through Building Records.


This audience were instantly brought to their feet as this melodically charged quartet from  New York City gave the show everything they had, and it was more than enough! 

The set progressed with one of my favourites, “Zero Return”, bringing the powerful bass lines and energetic drum beats to a hault whilst the vocals soured through, before kicking back into the chorus and leaving the crowed in captivation.

Two funky jivers weren’t afraid to show us their stuff as they headed to the front and mellowed out to the rock and rhythms. This whirl wind tour from Pilot To Gunner definitely broke them into the Australian Scene well, and I’m looking forward to seeing these guys head back here hopefully sometime in the New Year.


Melbourne rockers Blueline Medic will be parting ways from this headlining tour after their set, heading back home to record some new material, and new material is something this band are definitely not short of! What a way to end a tour, as this show went out with a bang, gaining the respectful nod and bounce from the crowed as they sang along in participation to the tight set.

The musicianship the band revealed highlighted the well-composed lyrics, which equally blend with these melodic rock tunes.


Blueline Medic is a band not to be missed and I look forward to the follow up of the successful E.P “The Apology Wars” in the near future.