By Kath Clinkerfield - Treason Season
Article By Kath on Feb 3, 2005



Melbourne's Clinkerfield hate their name, but I like it, so there you go. Maybe cos their name reminds me of Clinkers and they're yum!

I must comment on the artwork for 'Treason Season' as it is really great. Besides the amazing cover of singer Jimmy in drag, it's really professional artwork and indie bands out there should take note that it can be done!

This CD is a diverse one at best with tongue firmly planted in cheek, especially in first song 'Fuck Love Songs.' (The words tongue in cheek are actually said at the song's beginning!) It's a bit of a RAWK number with some funny lyrics indeed. I am friends with singer Jimmy and he has a sense of humour to boot, which is a big part of Clinkerfield's charm.  

Next track, 'Tis the season for some Treason' has a musical style that is almost jazzy/rock (?) with some nice melodic singing from Jimmy.

'Mutual Disturbation' (great title) is a bit of a rocker with cool guitar licks and serious rock swagger (and screaming) from Jimmy.

Next up is 'Sunday Driver' all hand claps and melody, I love it!

'Pot of Souls' is another sweet tune which wouldn't be out of place sung by Kermit from The Muppets, probably cos of the word Rainbow (that is a compliment, by the way, Kermit rocks!)

Next up is 'People walking quickly.' It's a sweet and quiet little ditty, no drums in sight, with lovely guitar bits and nice harmonies throughout.

The three last tracks continue the diversity with 'To Lose my Head' being rocky, 'Easy Holes' being pretty and  'Stringin' them up' being abit western (?)

The band have been gaining momentum in their home town with a string of good shows and constant gigs at one of Melb's best original venues, The Green Room, so check em out next time they play. They also tour interstate for those outside of Melb.