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Curse Ov Dialect / Diablo Negro / Justice Yeldham 050904

Article By adam on Sep 5, 2004


Event: Curse Ov Dialect, Diablo Negro, Justice Yelham, Toecutter, Hamperman
Venue: Lanfranchis Memorial Darts Club
 Date: 4 September 2004
Music: Hip Hop, Black Metal, Gabber, Noise

Had to brave through extreme hail to get to the gig, we are talking 40km an hour along Parramatta road, ice all over the road. The hail had stopped but the rain was still strong when we arrived, Cleveland Street was its usual wind tunnel however thankfully the venue was wide open and ready to run in out of the rain. Not many people when we arrived and they said they would be getting going shortly. There was DJing while people were arriving, wether it was due to the rain or not knowing what time things started people arrived a bit latish but they made it. The DJed tunes were good and I recognised a lot of Plover tracks.

Diablo Negro were up first and there were much more theatrics this time around. Fraughman was dressed in Dark Lord outfit and his female companion seemed to be in here silky pyjamas and big black boots. Started off straight out of a Cradle Of Filth album, moody music and groans and distant screams then in comes the big noisy beats and the black metal style vocals begin. This is no parody, Fraughman can vocalize with the best of them. Reminds me of something like the Berzerker with the gabber beats and nice vocals. More hip hop style was to come but the black metal feel stayed throughout the show. They appeared to have refined the performance a lot more since last time and work very well together alternating between screams, rhymes and unintelligible groans.

Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device is Smallcock in disguise performing the now world famous bare foot bloody sheet glass smash noise making. What can I say, Justice arrives on stage complete with war wounds from recent touring and just gets into it. As I have said before some nice noise comes out of this glass and the riffs he gets into towards the end is my fave bit, with a beat there could be some nice dancing going on. At end the remaining glass was smashed over the head and he walked off back stage knocking a few people over as he went, definitely looked to be in another world. Seems to be a very entrancing hobby.

The reason we were there was to see Curse Ov Dialect off on there world tour, representing Australian hip hop as they said. I recognise lots of their songs now from seeing them live a few times and having one CD, they have great tunes with beats no two alike. For anyone unfamiliar with Curse they are a hip hop krew from Melbourne that rhyme about things that effect them and us as Australians. They have very diverse music and themes in there music and they have a sound like no other here or abroad. Some highlights of the set were 'Baby How'd We Ever Get This Way',. 'All Cultures' and my personal fave 'Red Candles', this seemed to be a crowd favourite also and everyone was jumping muchly during it. They aren’t taking their DJ on tour and are apparently recruiting DJs at each town they come to so budding talent keep your eyes peeled for the Curse. After finishing they did two encore tracks including one new one. Adam seemed like he wanted to go all night but they were flying off in the morning and all the boys needed some rest.

DJing provided by Toecutter and Hamperman.

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