Curse Ov Dialect, Pimmon, DJ Smallcock, Ponyloaf & Kid 606 Curse Ov Dialect, Pimmon, DJ Smallcock, Ponyloaf & Kid 606
Article By adam on Jun 16, 2003

Event: Curse Ov Dialect, Pimmon, DJ Smallcock, Ponyloaf & Kid 606
Venue: The Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Date: 606 03
Music: Hard Beats, Harsh Breaks, Hip Hop, Cut Up Pop Tracks, Noise, Experimental

Up first was pimmon, i have seen him once before at the what is music? festival and i cant remember much about the set because it was nothing memorable however tonite i was pleasantly surprised by some very nice noise with thunderous beats and other harsh samples blended in and out. I was really impressed with this set and i hope to find some recordings of similiar work, all i have of pimmon is ambient like experimental pieces. After pimmon ponyloaf quickly appeared on stage and it didnt take long for them to begin some big beats very unlike what i was expecting of an act at this gig, at first i wasnt very impressed and it sounded very mid 90s electro but further on it became more interesting and the electric drums were played well and had a great sound. i have never heard of these guys before, three of them on stage with various keyboards, electric drums and a strange computer keyboard slung by a classic skull and cross bones guitar strap. The two guys on either side of the stage were getting into the music while the guy in the middle kept doing quite bizaar and strange acts, quite a contrast to the other two, at one stage it seemed as if the guy on stage right went up to the guy in the middle after he had been playing the same note for a minute or so while holding his hand near his nose twitching his fingers and told him to stop fucking around and keep playing. I was really getting into some of the later tracks with nice unable to think of a describing word synth cords and hard beats, they were quite dancy unfortunately there were not many people there at this stage so the dance floor was covered with sitting bodies. Not a bad performance overall and they also said they were from brisbane.
Curse Ov Dialect were next, i have seen them once before about two years ago at electrofringe and they were visually awsome, lyrically interesting and musically variated. They were also not as tight as they seemed this time arounf i was very impressed though. This night COD were one, four mc's and one dj and at the beginning they were joined by an aboriginal girl who sounded excellent on the mic. All adorned in what seemed like the dress of different cultures they rhymed and spoke many political and cultural messages, actually i think there were only three mc's as one of the members had a strange costume with many sticks coming out of his head, hard to explain very interesting to see, he didnt seem to speak a word just moved about the stage. The music in every track was different and most sounded like local music of various countries. I read in an interview that they make all their beats in fruity loops and they sounded grwat, nothing too elaborate but with the music, the dj scratching and three very different sounding mc's they have a fantastic sound. CODs first album has just recently been released. DJ Smallcock came up next with a wheeelchair that had a turntable on top of it and a mixer or amp on the seat and a ball with many pins protruding from it attached to a wire that went somewhere. He held the ball on the rotating records creating tremendous bassy noise that was a big change from the previous hip hop, minute bits of the actual songs could be heard through the needles on the vinyl. At random intervals the records were flung over the shoulder and replaced with a frsh one at he end he chucked all the records and covers out to the crowd, many keepers in that lot i bet. Finally the kid hi the stage and i wont go on about him for long because he is from the USA and this is an austraian music site, anyway he went on for what seemed like ever. Every moment was great, i am a big fan, i didnt recognise many tracks but i recognised many samples from tracks. Thats what i love about live electronic acts, if they want to they can do something original sounding every time. The only ones i did recognise were some pop mashups with missy elliot, yello, black sabbath, all sorts of other artists and i think alec empire.

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