Cindy live review. For Amusement Only, Seraphs Coal + 10 Fold Review
Article By Cindy James on May 18, 2002

Dum di dummm di di di dumm di di do we sang as we sped to French’s Forrest Yo Yo’s to watch Adelaide’s Seraphs Coal and Melbourne’s For Amusement Only in support of Seraphs Coal’s debut album ‘the more things change’ and F.A.O’s E.P ‘Where did we go wrong?’.
We got there half way through the first bands set I can’t even remember the bands name, a local funk-a-billie (if that’s a word?) band that had the crowed that bored they couldn’t pick their arses up off the ground.
simon -10fold

Channel V Leg-up winners 10 Fold jumped on stage to play to their local crowed with an obviously large fan base following. The new bass player gave the band a new image and rocked the crowd, we all loved it. This being the bands’ last gig for quite a while left an impact on us all.

For Amusement Only up next, kicking off their last show of the co-headlined tour. Pumping out a heap of new & old tunes, Gave the crowed the opportunity to move even closer to this small stage set-up. This band gets better at every gig I see! With Bass player Ben and guitarist Tim leaping from the stage time after time was a psycho site, with a few heads being bashed by guitar necks I’m sure. FAO’s stage performance kicked arse, Front men Novo Tim and Ben pausing and unpausing at each drum beat left Drummer Chuckles entertaining the punters, standing on his drum chair and running around poking the stiff paused front men left us all puzzled, yet entertained. This was a tight and relaxed performance and I’m keen as to see this band again!
chuckles - FAO

Adelaide’s own Seraphs Coal headlined tonight’s show with drummer/lead vox Dan giving us an exhilarating
performance. This punk rock band is like nothing I’ve seen before with so much energy and passion pumping out through their music left my feet taping and camera rolling. The audience’s participation once again was full of high energy and enthusiasm and by the end of this set fulfilled.

I can’t wait to catch these guys on their next tour and F.A.O when they’re back up here with One Dollar Short in June. I’m signing off for tonight.