Live Reviews By Kath. Girl Comp 2 Live Reviews
Article By on Jun 25, 2002

I attended four gigs in four days! I think I felt like I was on tour. (Not that I've ever really been, but anyway...)Living on a packet of chips and many beers a day is obviously not the diet of choice as on the third day I was close to passing out, but it was all worth it, as on the fifth day whilst resting my ringing ears I looked back on an amazing four days of incredible Melbourne music.

The Armadale-Crystal Lattice, Liminal, Lucy's Crown, The Amazons.
Upstairs at the Armadale is a hard room to fill, especially on a Thursday night. First band Crystal Lattice unfortunately had a huge line-up change before this gig, which meant their singer did an acoustic set. Let's just say that the Armadale wasn't really made as an acoustic venue. Liminal and Lucy's Crown followed, both playing as full bands and both being professional solid rock/pop outfits yet the crowds still weren't there. Leave it to The Amazons to get the party started. These girls and guy rock! They are a Rock n Roll High School band but don't hold that against them, cos they know how to write a toon. Taking a leaf or two out of Veruca Salt's book, the band blistered through their pop/punk set with gusto and the small but appreciative crowd went sick. Check this band out when you can. Band of the night-The Amazons.

Dan O'Connell-Trinity, Dru Cindy, Pout, Swallow.
Friday at The Dan was a better night than the Thursday but still could've been better crowd-wise.
Trinity started the night with their brand of 80's flavoured dramatic rock, followed by Dru Cindy who is basically a singer called Cindy who had an all-star backing band which featured her brothers who are awesome musos in their own right. They were the highlight of the night for me. Cindy has an incredible soulfull voice that just whisks you away and a Suze De Marchi look and stage presense that can't be ignored. Her song off Girl Comp 2 "Anytime Anyplace" is a highlight. Next up were Pout.(Dave from Indent Music's band) They put in a solid performance of rock/pop with singer Rachel putting in a powerfull vocal performance. Swallow ended the night. The singer's voice reminded a punter of Christina Amphlett, which I don't think was far off. Band of the night- Dru Cindy.

The Laundry-Dolly Blitz, KTV, Virtue.
The Laundry gig went off! A packed house, no room to move, every band and punter's dream. Dolly Blitz kicked the night off. I've seen these guys heaps of times and I love them. Great songs, stage presence and a cool rock chick in the form of Sharon. They're kinda along the lines of Baby Animals, Superjesus but still different to them and they have fun onstage. KTV were next up. I don't really know what to say about them as they are my band and it is pollitically incorrect to review your own band but I will say it was a good gig for us and people seemed to like it. We are power pop-ish, kinda like a cross between Blondie and Magic Dirt. Virtue closed the night. Can I say Baby Animals again or have I said it too much(?)Singer Ally has an awesome and powerfull voice and they are a tight live act with plenty of energy. I've also seen them live a fair few times. (Actually they used to play with my band KTV when we were called Kill Krush Destry!)Band of the night-Dolly Blitz/Virtue.

The Empress-Shae, Alexia, Deb Hocking, Milk, Maxine Harman, Trevor's House.
The Empress gig was held on the Sunday arvo and was a wonderfull day with an incredible turn out. The people kept coming, even when the last band had already started. Shae started the day off, solo acoustic. She had some great songs and quirky lyrics. Her voice reminded me of Toni Childs. Next up was Alexia with her acoustic band. Her song from Girl Comp 2 "The Girl who knew everything" has had Triple j airplay and deservedly so, it is a great track. I loved Alexia's songs. There was something sweet, innocent, enthralling about her music and her voice. The packed crowd sure saw it if their response was anything to go by. Deb Hocking was next. She played solo acoustic and also posesses a strong voice and folky/pop tunes. Milk played next as a duo. They also fall into the folk/pop category and had a good reaction. Maxine followed them. Another strong voice with good songs. Trevor's House closed the night. Hadn't really heard of these guys before but they were the perfect end to a sunny, wintery Sunday. Kinda George-ish, they are pop/funk and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the crowd. Band of the night-Alexia.
Well that's it. An incredible four days of very diverse music and every single punter got a free CD with door entry. Great value. If there is anyone out there who wants a copy of Girl 2 as it is not available from the shops contact me and we'll see what we can do to get you one.