Gold Coast Big Day Out Gold Coast Big Day Out
Article By Cindy James on Jan 30, 2003


Forty Five minutes later, our Maxi Taxi arrives and we all dive in ready to start our adventure to the Gold Coast Big Day Out. Arriving just as Sydney punk outfit Frenzal Rhomb hit the stage. 

Unfortunately, A friend of ours was still arriving and we had his entry tickets. So I missed Frenzals' set. From what I heard outside the barricades, they sounded great. I hear from the distance vocalist Jay Whealy talking between songs, "Our drummer keeps getting these prank calls, so we want you all to take out your mobiles and start pranking this damn number back." From what I gather, 70% of the audience dragged out their phones and typed the number in as Jay gave his shout out to the audience… Guess it helps if you turn your number sending off eh?

I arrive inside just as 28 days rip up the stage with old hits and new, An emotional moment insights both the crowd + band as front man Jay, pauses for a moment on stage and begins to explain the meaning behind their next song ‘Take Me Away’. With the song written in memory of belated drummer/band member/friend Scott Murray. 28 days went on to play new numbers like ‘What’s The Deal?’ and ‘A General’ aswell as old favourites, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Song For Jasmine’. It was an emotionally charged set by a band I’ve now grown to love, and look forward to seeing live again!


Pacifier were up next on the main stage. Due to previous run-ins with the band, I wasn’t keen on watching their performance, so I headed over to the Local-Produce stage, where I came across a Brisbane four-piece outfit ‘Brindle’ who had quite a large crowd generated. Female vocalist Deb Suckling, who has one heck of a voice, fronts the band. The moody tunes were over laced by emotive vocals that made the band stand out as a powerful rock act who had the crowd on their side.

It was getting quite hot and mid afternoon was setting in. I stuck around the local produce stage to check out another Brisbane act, (hey! I’m an outer towner here…) ‘Girls Germs’ who have recently made their re-debut back into the scene after a two-year break. The band were dressed to impress with funky white jump suit attires, differentiating each member with Germ 1, Germ 2 & Germ 3 ½  labels… nice form… The band played tunes off their highly anticipated release ‘Leaving Brisvegas’ where they punched out their newly formed rock (with edge). Proving they’ve left behind their old pop punk sound. Great new form and progression has definitely occurred!

Millencolin, Deftones + The Vines were up next on my agenda.

Millencolin sounded a little short to normal, but still put on a great show! Playing new favourites over the old. Tracks off their current release ‘Home From Home’ were punched out with the crowds’ favourites proving to be the numbers off ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’, gaining the most sing-a-long participation of the set. The conclusion was somewhat suprising, with the band walking off stage halfway through the closing song and leaving their drummer pounding

away until time was up, standing up and taking a well deserved bow. An encore should’ve been in place, but unfortunately wasn’t.

Deftones burst upon the stage to the horrendous crowd… The band all dressed in black and ready to rock. They were the most heaviest act on the main stage today, playing hits off their current release ‘White Pony’ and raging out their nu-metal, neo-hardcore tunes. The bands catchy guitar hooks, trip-hop beats and razor blade riffs were all that were needed to phsyc this immense crowd up for an afternoon of fun. The intensity of their set was astounding, and after 15 years together, I don’t see how it couldn’t be!

Seeing the Vines today was a first for me, not particularly being into their music, I wanted to stick around to see what the hype was about.

Personally, I feel they must have one heck of a publicist! I was extremely disappointed with their set, so much so, that I became appalled after four songs, and had to walk away. Frontman/vocalist/guitarist Craig was that off his face he was unable to hold his own balance. Falling, Floating and drifting across the stage left no question to how drugged up this kid was. Sure, it’s all rock and roll right? But not to this extent. His behaviour dragged the bands’ performance down, and I’m sure glad I didn’t purchase the ticket only to see them.

The Boiler Room was my next stop, to catch BeXta in top form (Not to be confused with hit dance/pop singer of the moment, Sophie Ellis Bextor,) where I had quite the jive. Her hard-trance, bangin’ vibes and energetic beats are quite the recipe for any ravers dream. I can now see why she’s been ranked as Aus’ best DJ!


On came my highlight of the day over at the JJJ Essential Stage… SPARTA! With three members forming the band in the ashes of At The Drive In, (who featured on the ’00 B.D.O) have compiled one hot emotionally charged, rock outfit. The band playing to a packed out tent and sound that overly sharp, clean and intense made this bands’ set one no one can forget. After only recently releasing their debut album ‘Writetap Scars’ I was surprised at how many punters were singing along… The band had the crowds’ full attention as their fiercely evocative tunes were punched out, and one hell of a live show was performed.

Queens Of The Stoneage were up next, however, the timing give me half an hour to drown myself in water and re-fill my bottles as the heat was more than getting to me. We made tracks back to the main arena and watched Queens Of The Stoneage blast on to the well lit stage, minus Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl who teamed up with the band on drums to record for their latest release ‘Songs For The Deaf’. Hits like ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ and their brand newie ‘No-One Knows’ proved to get the crowd working and show the power of sheer rock and roll the band have behind them.

The Murderdolls put on quite an interesting set. Before the performance, I personally didn’t like their music, whilst chants like ‘Die, Die, Die’ and thousands of raised fists flooded the tent, found me a little intimidated, I was kept their in interest of watching their onstage antics. Quite different from my norm, and I actually got into it. The band features Joey Jordison from controversial outfit Slipknot on Drums and a Calabar of talented musicians… I was quick to learn that their music isn’t all death metal chants. I found some catchy guitar hooks and thought provoking lyrics in there. But the live performance at this stage was my draw card.


I closed my night off trying to rap to Xzibit… hahahah… what can I say? That guy rocks! His laid back beats and funky tunes got everyone in the tent’s feet moving and backs down and dancing as he went on to tell us of his friendship with the kings of rap, Dr Dre & Snoooooooop Dog yo!!! Not to mention the Globe’s most controversial rapper, Eminem! Xzibit played a healthy one-hour set and I was saddened to see the event end.


I met a HEAP of AWESOME people on the day/during my QLD stay with huge shoutouts going to; Craig, Pat, Ange, Vanessa, Melana, Mick, Caity, Matt, Bevan, Kitty, Krysten Skabert + anyone I forgot! + Adrian & Adam for their hospitality!

…Next stop, Sydney Big Day Out, where I get to do/see this all over again!