Grinspoon event review by by Emily Kelly.
Grinspoon - New Detention Tour
By Emily Kelly [aural-epicure]
Jul 23, 2002, 12:31

JULY 5 2002
Grinspoon supported by Bugdust and Front End Loader
Overage gig

My first rhough upon entering the Palace on July 5 was, "Grinspoon have certainly gotten a hell of a lot bigger since i last saw them". The Palace, one of Melbourne's larger entertainment complexes and usually host to club, 'Twister', was packed with overage punters who had all come to see Grinspoon. I thought back to the good old days, when the first album had just been released and me and about fifty others saw Grinspoon live at my local Rollerskating rink.
Grinspoon had suddenly been getting lots of radio airtime, not to mention increased media attention, I guess it was inevitable that it would come to this. Next album I guess they'll be playing at Colonial Stadium?
Unfortunately I missed the first supporting band, Bugdust. However, I made a definate attempt to claw my way to the front of the mosh to see Front End Loader.They appeared to be your typical aussie band. Four guys, clearly not dressed up for the occasion, appeared to have merely walked on stage and picked up their instruments. TO their credit, this obviously wasn't the case. More than any other feature of their music, i instantly noticed the tight professionalism of their songs, most of which were rather cheery. Constantly plugging their new album, 'How Can We Fail When We're So Sincere', the foursome played the majority of the songs off the album, the most popular of which was clearly 'We Don't Understand You', 'Wake Up Call', and 'THey're trying to kill me'.
Apparently deciding they were in for a late one of this particular friday night, Grinspoon's set started just after 12 midnight, eventually coaxed out by an eager and rather inebraited crowd.
An enthusiastic Grinspoon responded to chants, Phil staggering on stage seemingly grabbing the microphone in order to balance himself. There was some crowd interaction on Phil's behalf, mostly "Thanks for coming. How the f*ck are yas!?". The band opening with the first two tracks from the album, being the intro and title track, 'New Detention'. From the very front rows of the mosh pit, it was apparent how popular the album had become amongst fans in such a short time. It seemed that the entire venue was singing along to songs from an album that had only been released weeks prior. Grinspoon managed to cover every song from their new album. Each done to perfection...impressive considering the band had only just started out on the first leg of their tour, in one of their first gigs excluding promotional performances. Crowd pleasers included their two most recently released tracks, 'Chemical Heart' and 'Lost Control'. '1000 miles' also rated impressively amongst fans who eagerly joined in, 'go, go, go'! So obviously thrilled and hyped up were the crowd at the Palace, that there seemed to be little doubt in anyone's mind that Grinspoon would be reappearing on stage after their set for an encore performance. As a devoted fan, I was left rather unsatisfied after their main set, still yet to hear two of my favourite Grinspoon songs, 'Hate' and 'Champion'. Sure enough, they reappeared and immediately launched into 'Hate' sung spectacularly by Phil and an appreciated break from heavy mosh action by all in the pit. 'Hate' and 'CHampion' were then followed by classic crowd favourites, 'More Than You Are' and 'Just Ace'.
As a massive fan Grinspoon, having not seen them in over a year, I left the Palace completely satisfied at the playlist and moreso at Grinspoon's consistently impressive live performances.