Article By Adam Impermanent Recordings Label & CD Launch
Article By Adam on Jul 4, 2002

Event: Impermanent Recordings Label & CD Launch
Venue: Hibernian House, Surry Hills
Date: 27 June 2002
Music: Electronic Experimental

To start with I got to the city and realised I had left the address at home, I could remember the general directions, Surry Hills across the road from the dental hospital, because I used to live in the area. I called a friend to go online to get the address for me but before he could call back we found a doorway with the flyer attached and ventured in, the place was a bit of a maze and would of been interesting to explore however we found 'the frequency lab' after not too long and made it in plenty of time. It was free entry if you purchased a CD so that is what I did and I shall review the CD also. All of the walls were nearly covered in life drawings, mostly black + white some blurred with colour. A few people were seated on some couches and others were standing around near the bar. We got there at 8:30 and a female DJ was playing some very nice minimal experimental tunes which turned into more noisy and beaty listening. At 9:00 the gentleman that runs the 'Impermanent Audio' monthly experimental nights and started the 'impermanent Recordings Label' of which this night is the launch gave an introduction to why they started the label and what the night was about. The main geist of it was that the label is all about promoting new artists that haven’t been released before and the evening was to let the two artists of the first two releases from the label a chance to give you a sneak peak at what may on there albums. Stasis Duo ere then introduced and took up there positions in front of there equipment already set up. Stasis Duo are two gents, Adam Sussman & Matthew Earle, and on the CD of theirs that I purchased it states that they use empty samplers. They started off very minimal, when a few of the first clicks started it appeared to startle one of them. Adam appeared to be controlling all of the glitchy noises, clicks and pops, while Matthew was making background droning sounds that occasionally became extremely bassy and enveloped the whole sound. At other times the droning would be very subtle and the glitches would become more frequent and fluctuate in frequency. There were some comfortable cushions to sit on and I was quite relaxed, a lot of the performance was very ambient and my girlfriend fell asleep on my shoulder. After Stasis Duo I unfortunately had to leave, Peter Blamey was the next artist whose CD I will obtain in the near future. I feel the venue was an ideal choice for night and would recommend it for other experimental gigs. The room had a great atmosphere that lent itself to the music well to create an overall excellent night.

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