In Vivo launched their new CD and Cath was there to document the action.
In Vivo CD Launch
Article By Kath on Jun 13, 2002

For the uninitiated out there, In Vivo features the wonderfull talents of Fiona Lee Maynard, ex-Have a Nice Day. Her brother Glenn plays in Band Camp, trivia buffs! And yes, both bands were featured on Girl Comp 1.

In Vivo launched their new CD 'Punks like you are a dime a dozen' recently to a packed house at The Cherry Bar in the City. I arrived at 9pm to a full house which included industry heads such as Neil Wedd.

The band now have Phil Calvert on drums who is a bit of a legend if you ask me, having been in The Birthday Party for a start! And also Dave Thomas on guitar (Bored, Magic Dirt) and James (Fiona's hubby)on guitar.

The band blistered through an awesome set which the packed crowd thoroughly enjoyed. The set list included the excellent "Excellent"(!), "Scary" and "Dreams in Blue."
The boys did some singing too. James sung his own songs "Kicking Tyres" and "Suckerpunch" and Dave sung an old Bored song called "Little Suzi".

An interesting cover was a Jeff Lynne(E.L.O)song called
"Do ya" which they put the In Vivo stamp on.

It was all over too soon (with no encore!) and Fiona summed up the night when she told the packed room that she's been trying to get us all together for ages!
And later she told me that we were all here for a reason. Yes we were, to hear an awesome band kick ass to a packed house!
Who said seeing live bands is dead?