Article By Cindy James Indent Workshop
Article By Cindy James on Jul 12, 2002

After a 5.30am wake up call and being bitten by the -2 (yes! minus two) degree winter chill that hit Blacktown this morning, i still managed to get myself outta bed and on a train (still dark being that) to Newcastle's Royal Palias for an extreamly informative workshop run by both Kristy Wilson & Tracy Ellis from "Indent".

This workshop featured some of Australia's most highest profile music industry workers giving lectures on thier job aspects, past expieriences, opinions, advice and current/general thoughts on the way things are running today. This was a really laid back disscusion forum and i was happy to be there.
The morning started with Jake Denny , who gave us an insight on Event Promotions and what his tasks involved when he was working with Rock City Event Marketing aswell as tips on showcasing your own all age events, with examples ranging from the highly sucsessful Sobriety concerts to managing local Newcastle act Enertia.

The morning moved on to the second guest speaker of today, Marcus Westbury, who focuses on Creating Effective Websites aswell as playing a major role in the rapidly growing "This Is Not Art" Festival held in Newcastle every year. Marcus enlightend us with knowledge on how to build your own website and the effect the internet has on the music industry today.

After Lunch came Saharah Herald Sheppard's talk, giving us the most informative/benificial (for me personally) talk of today.
Sahara is the National Event Co-ordinator for Australia's largest annual/touring festival The Big Day Out, which found her soaring through ways of defining How to plan a show? Budgeting, Ticketing, Safety Issues, How to Book Bands?, Guest Lists, Applying for jobs in the music industry, Crisis Managment... and a few of the expieriences/complications Sahara has come across over the past 8+ years in the industry. This talk was definitley an eye opener and an insight to the running and co-ordination of not only a festival circut, but event managment, as a whole.

I'd like to thank Kristy & Tracy @ INDENT and all of today's guest speakers for putting on an extremly benificial workshop.

I think it's back to -2 degrees and almost 4.30am again... so i'm signing off for tonight!