Magic Dirt gig review by Kath. Magic Dirt rock the Prince of Wales In Melbourne
Article By Kath on Sep 10, 2003


Magic Dirt played a great show at Melbourne's Prince of Wales last weekend to a capacity crowd.

The Prince of Wales is so different now compared to the days of old with the sticky carpet and grungey feel. It is now well and truly yuppie-fied and has been for quite some time, but that's St.Kilda nowadays. About the only place left in those parts that has some character is The Espy, and thank God that has survived. (So far.)

There's this whole theory about Magic Dirt that they've gone all pop and sold out, but it's such a load of crap. I have been a fan of the band for quite a few years, before the 'Rock Stars' major label album, but it is true they have found a pop edge on their last two releases as Adalita apparantly fell in love with melody. Being a huge Blondie fan (like myself) she added a bit more melody and less feedback, to create some awesome tunes. Well it's worked.

And the thing about Magic Dirt is they've always done their own thing AND SOUND ORIGINAL. Sure they have influences but they do their own thing. Unlike bands like Jet who sound so 70's and so out-dated...there only seem to be afew of us who aren't caught up in all the Jet-hype around at the moment and I'm one of them. Proud to say.

But back to Magic Dirt. The band blistered through old and new stuff and show-cased a lot of songs from 'Tough Love' except for Tee-Vee. Adalita said something about it just not working live. Why? No idea, she wouldn't say. Missed the song as it's a personal fave.

Magic Dirt are the kind of live band that can somethimes be awesome and sometimes be ordinary. This wasn't the best gig I've ever seen but it was still pretty rockin'. I love this band. There just aren't enough girls in rock like Adalita.

Support bands like Magic Dirt. They are the future. Jet are the past.

(Stay tuned for 'Tough Love' CD review soon.)