Melbourne's Big Day Out was massive! Melbourne's Big Day Out was massive!
Article By Kath on Jan 30, 2003



The weather in Melbourne was perfect this year, not as hot as last year, although no matter how much sunscreen you slap on, getting sunburnt is inevitable.

Attempted to get there by 11am to check out Waikiki to no avail. After spending AN HOUR in the queue to get in, my friends and I didn't make it inside the gates until 12, when we'd got there by 11. This made me 'not happy Jan,' as I got in a lot quicker last year but I think there were a lot more people there this year. It seemed more packed. As I stood in the never-ending queue I dreamed about having an industry pass....ho hum.

But anyway, onto the music.

Although I missed Waikiki I was told by my drummer that they were a little lack-luster but when dickheads in the audience are yelling out 'We want Frenzal Rhomb' that would irk anyone. Heard a bit of Frenzal. No surprises there. The usual songs played at one hundred miles an hour, as did 28 days so I heard.

First band I got to check out was Rocket Science on the 3RRR stage. They have the most original sound and totally went off live. 

Then I actually SAW The Waifs at the 3RRR stage which I must admit was the best stage of the day. Got a great possie in the stand up the back and could actually SEE the band as well as check out the colourful crowd and yeah I guess there were quite a few Avril's there with the school ties but I think they are cute. What I wasn't crash hot on were the number of bimbos there who looked like they belonged at a Holly Vallance "gig" but it's all relative and alternative is mainstream now, as is "punk," so different strokes for different folks I guess.   

But back to the bands. The Waifs were perfect on the RRR stage and put on an awesome show. Having interviewed Donna from the band recently (check out this week's Inpress!) I feel a closer connection to the band and what they're about. They were a highlight of the day and the crowds loved them. Stuck around the RRR stage to check out Jebidiah who I hadn't seen for a few years and was looking forward to seeing. Although musically very good, Kevin's voice was worse than usual. His voice is an acquired taste at the best of times (although I have acquired it) but he was on the verge of losing it and just screamed too much. Even when he tried to sing he's voice was like sandpaper. Better luck next time.

My drummer John saw bands I didn't during the day so I can give his recollection of what he thought. Did not see The Vines as I am not a fan but he did and thought they were pretty ordinary. He didn't like the way that singer bloke throws his guitar around all the time, making it sound shit. Although I have heard their Melbourne show was better than they usually are. John also checked out The Living End and thought they were good but prefers Travis' drumming to the new guy from Pollyanna. Guess it's a drummer thing.

The band I wanted to see the most was Jimmy Eat World but that cattle shed they call the Triple J stage made it impossible to see anything it was so packed. I stayed and listened to their whole set whilst close to passing out through lack of oxygen not only to hear the familiar tunes but some stuff I hadn't heard before as well, and was very impressed. I think once I may have caught a glimpse of the drummer, that's how bad my viewing possie was.Awesome band though. Spewing I missed their Hi-Fi Bar gig now.

Went for a wander and heard some of Wilco. Must admit I didn't really know much from these guys but were impressed with their cruisy music. They seemed a nice change from the heavier bands. 

Q.O.T.S now have a new drummer so Mr. Dave Grohl only had Foo Fighter duties. The Queens sounded good (although throughout the day the wind was playing havoc with the sound) and P.J Harvey, wearing a gorgeous outfit captivated the huge crowd with her stripped back 3-piece where she was the only guitarist and  got to show off her guitar skills. She also played old stuff, which was great to hear.

Checked out a bit of Kraftwerk but couldn't see a lot, not that it mattered cos those guys aren't visually stimulating but the sounds they were creating were quite amazing. Though I'm not a huge electronic music fan I do admire what they do.

Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell was going through some spiffy costume changes and being flamboyent as ever. They were OK. Not a huge fan. You Am I were on at the same time as they were on and from the little I heard as I had a wander, were sounding great. It made me wonder about all this "rock is back" shit when You Am I have been doing it all along. Don't they deserve a little more recognition??? 

Foo Fighters closed the day with an awesome show. You couldn't even get to the back of the stage they were on, so it was the big screen or nothing. Dave was in fine form teasing the crowd about not giving them his last bottle of water and picking on his good-looking drummer. (But he is very cute!) These guys rock and are so tight. 'Monkey Wrench' was a highlight and got the crowd into a frenzy.  

It was a great Big Day Out. Can't wait for the next one.