By David Satan's Soiree Gig Review
Article By david on Aug 23, 2004


Event: Satans Soiree
Venue: Bunkers, Malabar
 Date: 7 August 2004
Music: Noise, Electronic, Non Electronic

 Introducing the newest member of the Underground Noise Corporate Street Team.... David.

        Me and my mate drive up from campbelltown to meet up with another friend to check out some noise bands. We get to the end of Fishermans rd and realise we dont have a fucking clue where we are or where we are going. We wait in the car park until my friend arrives and make our way into the scrub. At this point its 9pm and very dark, my friend has been to the bunkers ounce, a couple of years ago, while on drugs so his guidence does not really give us any assurance at all. We walk for a while aimlessly, every so often saying "yeah this way... i think".

Finally our walking pays off and we come to a clearing with a bunch of guys pulling gear off a truck. We exchange head nods and decide to help out since they seemed to have just gotten there (how they got the hired truck full of shit to this point is beyond me).

This my friends, is what party's are  all about. We all got stuck in and started carting stuff down the bunker trench. It was like goonies but more graphite and abandoned soiled matress'. More people start showing up, including the 2nd band on the line up (ROFL) and they join in on dragging keyboards, monitors, computers, drums etc etc. If you are ever near bondi, be sure to check out this bunker, this site is amazing, so much to explore and the low cieling really helps the sound out.

With 12:30am fast approching its time for the first band to play, ROFL, for some reason played first. Unfortunatly there were some sound issues, lots of feed back but ROFL really did play well considering the circumstances. Blasting out great songs like "ASL" they did a great job of startign the show off, even using a backup singer who barley rememberd the lyrics but still knew how to scream.

Pure Evil were 2nd up, using some of there own sound equipment seemed to help the sound a lot, they were more clear which really helped there technically brilliant grindcore. Unfortunatly we left early, must be old age or something. Hats off to the organiser(s) for putting the show on, the amount of money and gear would of been more then i could afford, and all for free. Lets hope people keep putting on shows like this in the future.

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