Sausage Chopper @ The Green Square Sausage Chopper @ The Green Square
Article By Cindy James on Dec 22, 2002


Ingredients needed for one CRAZY show….

1 hub cap
1 ‘explosives’ metal sign
1 answering machine
1 flying chair
1 hanson cardboard wall hanger
1 Butchers Outfit
cuts + bruises along side scratches and traces of blood...

This is what was incorporated into last night’s show at the Green Square, Sydney. On the bill fitted The Panic Attacks, Three Found Dead, Sausage Chopper + mystery band… The show minuses Life.Love.Regret + Stronger Than Hate leaving the Newcastle mystery band headlining, dressed to impress, with a full butchers attire… and that is where the flying chair came into the show.

I must say… I have never seen a more intense, crazy, phsyco set at a hardcore show as I did last night watching Qld’s Sausage Chopper.

The band layed their props to the side of the well lit stage and started their easy break - hardcore tunes over laced with screams, that well, I guess could’ve been lyrics, but all I heard was screaming… The musical composition is done really well… (The kind that gets your feet moving and head bopping along). Their stage antics were insane and the crowd went nuts. A 40 minute set of flying answering machines, hub caps, traces of blood, a hanson cardboard cut out and a metal road sign that read "danger explosive equipment" all seemed to compile on a self distruction path to the vocalist of Sausage Choppers head. Which I swear drew blood… If this isn’t crazy enough, at the end of the set, the Drummer Craig decided to place himself at the front of the stage and continuously bang his head 4-5 times on this metal ‘explosives’ sign… how these boys stayed conscious I don’t know?

This was one insane show… and I recommend anyone that is into seeing one hell of a live show, to check out this QLD outfit.