Silverchair live at The Palais Theatre in Melbourne! Silverchair live at The Palais Theatre in Melbourne!
Article By Kath on Apr 16, 2003


Silverchair rocked The Palais Theatre in Melbourne recently for their Across the Night tour.It was great to see such a great band at such a quality venue.

I went to the Sunday show and as all those in Melbourne know, the Saturday and Sunday Melbourne shows were both sold out in minutes so many were envious of my tickets, especially as they were FOUR ROWS FROM THE FRONT!!! (Although when I got there I realised they were four rows from the front in the BALCONY!) Oh well, still a lot closer than the hundreds behind me!

As most people would know, the concert was divided into two parts, the First Act quieter and Second Act louder, although I kinda thought it was a bit of a mix and there were songs played in the first half that definately rocked.

The stage set up was awesome and Daniel wore a gorgeous suit, the other boys more casual, and in the second act even more casual with drummer Ben half naked!

But onto the music. Daniel started proceedings with a solo piano tune from Diorama. The First Act natrually showcased Diarama and with two keyboard players up the back the music was fleshed out really well and tight as. Songs featured besides the Diarama tracks were older ones like 'Petrol and Chlorine' and 'The Door' which well and truly rocked. Love the opening guitar of 'The Door.' Us balcony people were rocking as hard as we could sitting down cos if we dared to stand up we were promptly told to sit back down.

The only thing that really bugged me and my friend in the First Act was that the drums seemed too loud and were drowing out Daniel's vocals a lot. Surely since the First Act was meant to be "quieter" the drums didn't need to pound like they did!

The Second Act was better vocally as Daniel came up a lot in the mix. Even though this section was supposed to be rockier there was still solo stuff from Daniel on the piano so it was really mixed up. There were tracks from Freak Show and Neon Ballroom with an awesome version of Year 2000 with three screens showing anti-war imagery which was  very powerful and it was great seeing Bush and 'the weasel's' faces up there in the context of a rock concert and a protest instead of on TV being glorified. I felt a part of something special. The lighting show also has to be mentioned as it was awesome!

'Israel's Son' was played, much to my friend's delight, although no 'Tomorrow'. (thank god!) I hated Silverchair when they started and do not own Frogstomp. I only got into them when Freak Show came out and they started to develop their own voice instead of copy everyone else and I know Daniel agrees with me a he hates his old stuff!

There was also some serious bum wiggling from Daniel, much to the crowd's delight, as well as his strange hand movements and mouth gestures. (Please don't turn into Micheal Jackson as you get older Daniel!) and much to my surprise he seemed to really be enjoying the show, smiling a lot and eventually getting up the courage to talk and muck around a bit with the crowd. This is contrary to all the recent press of how he hates playing live and doesn't wanna do it anymore.     

'The Greatest View' left me with a weird sensation as Daniel sang the chorus, "I'm watching you watch over me and I've got the greatest view from here" as that was what was happening! He was watching the crowd watch over him and he WOULD have the greatest view from there! I wonder what he was thinking when he was singing it!

As I left the theatre clutching my Siverchair tee-shirt (there were also Silverchair P.J's on sale too! Classy!) I knew I'd witnessed something special. And with the recent news of Daniel's hatred of touring, this could very well be their last. It was then I realised I'd witnessed something REALLY special!