Skulker live review Skulker live review
Article By Kath on Feb 27, 2003





The Evelyn.

It was a warm Melbourne night as my friends and I eagerly headed off to The Evelyn to catch what was well and truly the pop gig of the week.

Sarah Sarah started proceedings with their brand of happy, boppy pop and got the growing crowd hyped. Having seen them a few times now, they just seem to be getting better. If you haven't seen them already, do so. They are awesome. Big things await them. Next up were Space Like Alice who shifted the night into a much more "serious rock" mode. Personally, I don't think they fitted at all.

But Melbourne was looking forward to the return of Sydney's rock chicks Skulker and they didn't disappoint. Clad in their trademark studded belts and cool rock attire they blasted into newie 'Rock Nugget' followed by oldie 'Newport Nightmare', which was a crowd favourite. It was great to see the boys in the audience lining the foreground and standing in front of their favourite member. Truly a sight to behold. The band were in fine form despite guitarist Battie's bad mood declaring that she'd had a "C--t of a day," which I guess when you're stuck touring in a little van from City to City is inevitable.

The girls mixed it up with tracks from their debut 'Too Fat for Tahiti' including 'Strawberry Deluxe', 'Naughty' and 'Half Past Midnight' as well as new songs from their 'The Double Life' CD which included latest single 'Coming Home', 'Day after Yesterday' 'Give me something Back' and 'In your Arms.' They also pulled out the real oldies in 'Bittersweet' and 'Chicken and Rice'.

At one point Singer Greer commented on them being from Sydney but for us not to hold that against them. I sure didn't as I was lucky enough to chat to them at the end of the night to find they were really lovely people.

Ending on 'Hej' complete with arms in the air from band and crowd alike, Skulker well and truly rocked. Come back soon girls. We love you.