Cindy went to the S.W.N gig at Club 77 in Sydney. Something With Numbers & The Mad Dash
Article By Cindy James on Jun 23, 2002

I went to the S.W.N gig at Club 77 in Sydney today

- We arrived pretty late and missed 'After The Fall'. Every gig i've rocked up to see them play at they've either been on early or i had to leave early...

Prft today we again missed their set again, arriving just in time as Central Coast (woohoo) melodic punk rockers 'Something With Numbers' came on. This band pumps out so much live energy it's unbelievable, they played a tight and powerfully charged set which was really awesome!

The venue was small, but had a fairly good turn out, with a few dissapearing faces as headlining band 'the Mad Dash' approached the stage.
Most stuck around till the end, but those who didn't missed out on a shake of skankin, 10mls of horns, 1 didgeridoo and a spice of nudity thrown into this crazy set.

At a mad dash show though, nothing suprises me.....