Superjesus rock the Hi Fi Bar in Melbourne Superjesus rock the Hi Fi Bar in Melbourne
Article By Kath on May 4, 2003


Superjesus are back on tour to promote their new CD entitled 'Rock Music' which will be out soon. They rocked Melbourne's Hi Fi Bar to an almost capacity crowd in their first show back.

I didn't know it was the first show of their new tour until Sarah said so and said that meant it was their best show yet! (Ha, ha!)

The band is shown as a 3-piece in the latest press photos (because as we all know, previous axe man Tim is now an Android) but live they flesh it out with another guitarist adding to their pumping guitar on- slaught.

Sarah strutted on stage looking cool as ever in sexy rock chick mode with longer hair, sleeveless tee and a tie worn as a belt (cos girls can't wear ties as ties anymore thanks to Avril!)

I have seen the band live many times now and they never fail to impress. I am also proud to say I am an original fan cos after hearing 'Eight Step Rail' on Triple J, I was hooked and was at a very early show of there's at The Evelyn when they were SUPPORTING The Clouds! (That was a GREAT night!)

The band rocked through tracks from their two albums 'Sumo' and 'Jet Age' with vigor and even included 'Stained' from 'Eight Step Rail.'

Of course they also played many, many new songs which will be on the forthcoming CD. We've all heard 'Stick Together' and it's a great song but it looks like the new CD will be a killer cos all the new stuff sounded unreal and I especially loved the new song they played last before the encore which Sarah said was her favourite song and I could see why. The chorus was awesome.

The crowd also didn't do the usual 'I don't know the new stuff so I'll act bored cos I wanna hear something I know' thing and actually GOT INTO the new songs and went quite sick which didn't surprise me for they were very strong songs and memorable even after just one listen.

Bassplayer Stuart and drummer Paul played flawlessly as usual and the fill in guitarist was great too. Sarah was in fine form as usual with her honest and down-to-earth stage banter which is what I really like about her. She teased Paul about how he is Cleo's bachelor of the month and how embarrassed he is! Classic! But he is single girls. Oh my God, what a catch he'd be!

Of course we all know Sarah has been tight with Chris from Silverchair for some time now and my friend who was closer to the stage then I was noticed she had a Silverchair sticker on her guitar!

All in all an awesome show and even though the band has suffered rotating guitarist syndrome they HAVE managed to 'stick together' which is great for all us music fans.