An event review by Geoff. Sydney Symphony Superdome Spectacular
Article By Geoff on May 12, 2002

Having arrived at the Superdome for the first time and taken my seat, I had time to indulge in the atmosphere prior to the concert. I was amazed at the size of the place. Although it did not appear to be full, there where several thousand people there.

The first half of the concert started with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra pounding out some very familiar classical tunes including "Tocatta" and "'Fuge' in D minor" by the great composers J.S Bach and Stokowski and the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Mid way into the first half of the night, Soprano singer Lisa Russell came on with her powerful vocals for the song "O mio babbino caro". The first half of this excellent concert was finished with a rendition of the Star Wars theme accompanied by some pyrotechnics from the roof. This added some extra dramatic effects to accompany the powerful musical performance.

After a brief interval, it was time for the Sydney Choirs to share with us their wonderful voices. Together, the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, Sydney massed Choir and Sydney Children's Choir sung "Grand March" and "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" composed by Verdi. Following that was a fantastic performance from the Children's Choir. We also heard a little more from Lisa Russell as she sung "O sove fanciulla" with Ding Yi.

The program ended with the "Overture 1812" and of course the encore. The night ended leaving me in a great mood.

Lighting and cinematic effects added to a fantastic performance throughout the concert. During various stages of the night I closed my eyes and had a listen to the music without the influence of the lighting and effects. I was impressed by the clarity and balance of sound in the music.

Not being a regular attendee of this kind of concert, I was not sure what to expect. I did not know if I was going to enjoy it. Pleasantly, I left the Sydney Superdome feeling as if I had gained an insight as to how much orchestral talent we do have here in Australia. Tonight I discovered that through the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and various Sydney Choirs, Australia has the talent and the ability to put on compelling performances to share with the world.

I had a great night of music.

- Geoff Currey