System Corrupt CD Launch review by Adam. System Corrupt CD Launch
Article By Adam on Jun 5, 2002

Event: System Corrupt CD Launch
Venue: The Midnight Star
Date: 10 May 2002
Music: Hardcore, Breakcore, Noise, Cut Up Pop Tracks

This event was the first time I ventured to The Midnight Star Social Centre in Homebush. The venue is an old theatre being squatted in by an activist group by the name of SCAN, from what there website says pretty much anyone can put a gig on there as long as you abide by there small list of rules and generally have a good outlook on life. The venue is right on Parramatta Road and a short walk from Homebush station, finding it was not hard at all. When you get to the venue it very much looks like an abandoned building from the front, which is the impression they want to give, and as it says on the System Corrupt site about the party "Please stay out of sight on and around the venue 'cause Freaks Draw The Coppers". As usual I didn’t have much idea about who was performing at any certain time, I think I saw Passenger Of Shit and maybe Fraughman, the music is extremely fast and noisy and that’s why I went there. There was also the occasional cut up mix of a Kylie or Spice Girls track to keep everyone’s smiles wide. A bonus of System Corrupt parties are cheap CDRs, the CD that was being launched on the evening was a real CD costing 15 dollars and definitely worth it (Reviewed in the CD reviews section). There are also CDRs from artists such as Passengers Of Shit and The Pilfernators for between 5 and 15 dollars also, makes it very easy and cheap to start a collection of this most excellent local music that I have seen grow dramatically in the past few years. When I first came to Sydney I found Bloody Fist and that was it, now because of the rise of these small CDR based local labels there has been a regular supply of new release lately. The size of the crowd that turned up wasn’t too bad at the time I left, I thought it was okay for the first time they have used this venue. A lot of people I have talk to don't like it because of its distance to the city, however I feel its easy to get there, is away from crowds, away from pubs and away from random trouble makers. In conclusion another fantastic SYCO party letting me hear all the local tunes I know and love aswell as getting to hear much new stuff.

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