The Grand Silent System event review by Christine Newbury.
The Grand Silent System
By Christine Newbury
Sep 26, 2002, 11:19


You're standing by the bar, tapping your fingers, waiting for the band to start.  You casually glance over to the stage and do a double take... surely all of that equipment can't be for just one band.  A few minutes later, the six members (5 guys and 1 girl) walk out, take their places and start to play.  Suddenly it all makes sense... you're watching The Grand Silent System.


For those ‘not in the know’, and who have yet to experience this band, let me introduce you to this amazing group.  The Grand Silent System (TGSS), hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, have been around for a few years and are known for their live shows; jam-packed with awe inspiring music, witty comments and grooves galore.  They have produced an abundant amount of interest from the very beginning.  Comprising of a singer/percussionist, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, bass player and a saxophonist/clarinettist/flutist all rolled into one, they have wowed audiences and converted many with their unique blend of funk, instrumental and rock music.  It is a powerful concoction, one that is unlike any other act around today. 


With comparisons to phenomenal artists such as Tool and King Crimson, it's obvious that this is a band that makes you stand up and pay attention.  The diversity, intelligence and depth of their music astound all, and have earned TGSS a lot of respect around their hometown.  With a dedicated group of punters following them around from venue to venue, they finally satisfied many in March of 2001 when they released their debut EP, "They Who Built".  The 6 track disc displayed only a fraction of what TGSS was capable of achieving, but gave the fans, and interested observers, something to take home and listen to, comforting many when live shows weren’t as regular as what they used to be.

A year and a half on, The Grand Silent System are still creating a buzz, and have taken their music to other deprived states, with several tours reaching NSW and SA.  With plans to tour again, this time possibly up to QLD, in the pipe line, and an album in the process of being mastered, the future is looking very much alive and exciting for this ‘one of a kind’ band. 

If you are interested in finding more info on TGSS, then head over to their excellent website,  To order their EP head over to .  And if you’re in Melbourne, or have plans to visit, make sure you leave room in your schedule to check these guys out in the raw!!!!!