Warped Tour '02 Warped Tour '02
Article By Cindy James on May 14, 2002

Warped Tour 02
We arrived at the show grounds early on this bright, sunny day and anticipated our long await for the gates to open. As time ticked closer to the 10.30am mark this eager crowed nestled their way into the small drive way entrance to the James Meehan Reserve, Dee Why Beach for the last show of the Warped Tour 02 held in Sydney!
The long wait and heat got to us as more punters pushed closer to the still shut gates. It wasn’t to long before a few sharp eyes spotted New Found Glory’s bass player Ian Grushka. Ian soon found himself surrounded by a small gathering of fans (me being 1 :) ) and his escape was made.
Close to 11.00 struck and the gates were finally opened! We all made our way inside, eager to find the times of which band was playing and where, but the lack of organization and the cancellation of Australia’s own Sunk Loto (due to illness of a band member) left a few disappointed faces in the crowd.
the mighty mighty bostones

Central Coast 5 piece rock outfit ‘Xntrx’ opened the local stage pulling in the early and eager punters and a fairly noticeable crowd.
During their set, we moved along to see Boston Massachusetts Pranksters The Mighty Mighty Bostones
getting to meet guttermouth : )
bursting on stage in their quite elegant black suites. As the day progressed and the numbers grew we found ourselves racing from the main to local stages with little time left for merchandise shopping. Seeing bands such as local emo/pop punk 5 piece Second Best blast on stage seemingly stealing the smiles off most of the
Tariq from Second Best
Lucky 7 fans faces as their sets came to a clash. The lack of security made their mosh a hard one for the band to contain with crowd surfers falling left right and centre. It was a tough decision but I had to go with Second Bests’ set.
There was then a mad dash over to the Main stage to Californian pop punk stars New Found Glory pouncing out an overwhelming yet relatively short set leaving us happy, but unfulfilled and eager to see more!

Then came Melbourne’s awesome foursome For Amusement Only. Definitely my high light of the day, bouncing all over the stage with dollar shorts bass playing Checky stepping up for a few songs. The climax of their set reached when more then ¾ of the crowed were invited by the band to join them on the stage for their last song of their set, bringing the stage to near collapsing point and horrified looks on the security and promoters faces.
Gutter mouth ripped up the stage with all members but their drummer who had gone missing (due to the timetable changes and major confusion). As the set progressed all was well featuring guest drummers stepping in including Bill and Stephan from “ALL” Byron from Pennywise and Cyrus from “New Found Glory” and a major crowd involvement brought 1 very lucky but nervous fan up to play 1 song.
Then came the toss up between MxPx and One Dollar Short’s set. Yet again another clash and very tough decision but I had to settle on a half and half, starting out at MxPx. With Mikes’ famous on stage antics leaving me amazed and mesmerised for their whole set! The P.A system cutting out once or twice didn’t stop these dedicated fans from singing along to their favourite tunes. As they say –the show must go on- and that it did. Realising I had stayed for their whole set I dashed over to the local stage to see the rest of Dollar Shorts wicked performance and huge crowd. One Dollar short being the last band to play on the local stage for the day left them with almost no time restrictions, gaining at least an extra half hour to their set. Giving the band the opportunity to play more of their old/ previous releases and experiment with some of their new.
Area 7 closed the show that night and I finally got to do my merchandise shopping J but their wasn’t much left L It was all good though as I had a fucking awesome time which kept the smile on my face. I hope everyone that went had as much of an epic time as I did and I recommend you go check out any of the bands on the line-up again if ever the chance!
Cindy James