Cindy interview with 28 Days. 28 Days
Article By Cindy James on Aug 24, 2002

1: Say What? Was considered as indifferent compared to most of the previously released material. Apollo 440 also appeared on the track, was there any inspiration to try something new, and how did it go on the charts and in store?

I think people have a weird idea about the success of Say What? It came out right before Scotty died so all the promotion and touring plans for it pretty much stopped straight away. No one in the band really cared at that
point what happened to the single or the band. So the label did a great set up and we weren't able to do our part of the deal. But I think if you check it went top 10 or top 20 which is still pretty good for any Australian band
and it was out third biggest selling single ever. So it was a success in those kinds of terms. We don't plan for our stuff to be a particular way, we just write songs and see what happens. Say What? was written while we were
touring Europe a lot and whenever we came home we had this paranoia that we were getting dissed for doing well so that's kind of what it's about. We met the Apollo 440 guys in London and they were really cool and instead of just talking about doing a collaboration when we were pissed we actually did it. It was sort of different to other songs we were working on at the time so we released it as a separate ep - there's a new version of the song on the album.

2: Can you tell us a bit about your current adventoures rocking out on the U.S Warped Tour, and the level of response the band recieved in comparasin to the Australian Warped tour version?

We were worried about touring Australia with so many good bands from the U.S. It's hard not to get annoyed when people only come out to shows with overseas bands on the bill when we have so many good bands here. I'd like to think we could do a Warped tour in Australia with mostly Aussie bands and get the same kind of crowds. But it was a great tour and we always have fun whether there's 5 people or 5,000 people (I know cliche, cliche). U.S. Warped has been rad - so many good bands, made heaps of friends. It was much more gruelling, driving all night, shows every day. We all got a bit feral and had to drink beer for breakfast a lot because we missed the breakfast serving most days. Having all of us in such a confined space for such a long time took its toll and there was an evil back room on the bus, which saw a few punches being thrown in it. Still it was such a great fucking experience.

3: Can you give us a little introduction on Vinnie, your new drummer the band recently picked up, how he's settling in, and basically the Vinnie low-down?

Vinnie has been filling in on the drums for a few months now and it's going pretty cool. He's a bit younger than we are and he comes from Adelaide so he's a bit wet behind the ears shall we say. It's good to see things through new eyes though.

4: As a band, the diverse style of music 28 days play can be placed into so many different categories, is there a certain style you feel you can fit your own music into or do you too feel it's something awesomely different?

Well I always say to people if you think you're punk just remember punk shouldn't be about excluding people or elitism. It should cover all opinions and ideas. Not that we're punk, we just get lots of shit from people who think they are. We're just a band, we write songs about our lives and try to write about things that mean something to us and then we play them as best we can. We'll play any show with any band, anywhere. I think we're lucky to be able to cross into different genres. We toured Europe with Sick Of It All & Goldfinger, did the main stage at the Big Day Out and brought H2O to Australia to tour with us all in one year - fucken tops I reckon. I reckon that rocks so if you have to say anything say we're a R.O.C.K. band.

5: Can you give us a bit of a storey behind the name 28 days and how it came about?

No big story, just when we were sitting around trying to name the band we all had outstanding sheriff’s warrants and fines and all of them were marked "pay within 28 Days". We figured without the band we were all screwed in 28 Days (maybe we still are). We thought it sounded and looked good as well. Ever since then you will be amazed at how many times the number 28 comes up - like seat number on a plane, room number's at a hotel and stuff like that - it's like a lucky number for us now. Comes up on the roulette wheel a lot for us too.

6: Does the band have any on/off stage antics whilst on tour?

Like most bands we have the "what goes on the road, stays on the road" rule. Mind you we're more boring than what you would probably imagine. Usually just some beers and a few joints. I try not to fuck my throat up too much on tour. There are the odd nights where it goes a bit berko, especially with Hep who is pretty fond of a drink and if he parties everyone else has to. Ask him about the night in Toronto if you want to hear antics.

7: Who would the most annoying guy in the van be?

No contest, we're all equally bad. Someone is always smoking, playing music too loud, arguing, telling a boring story, picking on someone, asking dumb questions. The wind up is pretty much never ending.

8: What can we find in your CD player at the moment?

We just saw some of the best bands on the Warped tour and got CD’s off most of them. Today I listened to the Alkaline Trio, Thursday and Hot Water Music. Only last week I saw them all play live on the same day. How good!

9: "Take Me Away". The first track off your new CD Stealing Chairs blew me away. Having used the drum tracks of the be-lated Scott Murray on this recording and lyrics in inspiration to his death, My words alone can't come close to express the inspiration the lyrics and this song as a whole, through out to me and no doubt so many others, can you tell us a little bit more about the track, and how you went on to write the song after such a tragic experience?

Thanks for the props! We weren't sure if people were going to be able to connect to that song but I guess everyone has a point in their life which is just shit and they wish they were out of there. Usually Hep writes the body of the song and then brings it into rehearsal where we jam it, then I write the lyrics sometimes as we go along or sometimes the words just come immediately. I wrote, "Take Me Away" not long after Scott died when the band was just going to pieces. I didn't want to think about what had happened to him or any of the other bad shit that had happened to us. I could hardly even talk to anyone and people kept asking me if I was o.k. And I wasn't fucking o.k. You know? I just wanted to go back to the day before the accident when we had been hanging out, having a few beers enjoying being in
band together. It was such a fucked up time and the one way of dealing with it was to write about it.
As for a reaction and the inspiration written to the song, so far everyone have been so supportive. It's hard to gauge the reaction as we have been over here (in the states) since it was released. The song just feels good to play live, I love it. A lot of what we wrote was inspired by Scott, and recently by what happened to him, obviously. Most people don't realise he was a really good guitar player and wrote lots of songs himself - we never got to use any of them though. I reckon he was going to be like the Australian Dashboard Confessional one day. That's the fucked thing about people dying young - never being about to realise your goals or talent.

11: What was the last gig you went to that you guys didn't play at?

Thinking..... hmm... I can't remember. It hasn't been much of a party for us lately here in the states,  I try to see Aussie bands whenever I can, most recently One Dollar Short and Mindsnare.

12:Can you tell us a little bit about your new album "Stealing Chairs" and is there a release date for the disc as yet? 

It's in the bag and going to be released in September. Stealing Chairs is also a name of a song on the album. At the moment the Australian version will have 13 songs on it. It will be so good to start
playing new songs again - we can't wait to tour live. Take Me Away and Say What? Will be on it as well as two songs that have drums on them that were played with Scott - Photos and January. We were lucky enough to have 2 songs of his drumming on tape, actually January is exactly how we recorded it live in the studio with Scott. We haven't stopped kicking ourselves for not getting down more of the songs we had been working on back then.

13: Can you pick one favourite CD of all time?

Man, too hard to call and it changes everyday. Today it's Alkaline Trio, tomorrow Saves The Day and next week Quarashi after that Beastie Boys, Sick Of It All, I could go on for hours...

14:To sum up - looking ahead; where do you see yourself in 12-18 months time?

Like everyone we just want to be happy and keep doing what we love, playing in this fucking band. I hope we're still together, we're going through tough times, feeling guilty about everything that has happened and it's put a lot of strain on the band. Now more than ever we realise how important our families and friends are - you can't waste a day because you never know what's going to happen the next day. If the band breaks up tomorrow I reckon we had a pretty good go though.

Thanks heaps for your time! Hope the future is rad for 28 Days...

Thanks for the interview and hopefully we can meet up at a show one-day.

Words by Cindy James & Brian Shaffer