Interview with All In Favour. All In Favour
Article By Cindy James on Nov 26, 2002



Cindy says: So what’s the current line-up of All In Favour and who plays what in the band?

Brett says:

We have myself, (Brett) - vocals

Dan - lead guitar

Marcus - rhythym guitar

Luke - Bass

         And Anthony who has just joined us on Drums

Cindy says: Ok and emerging from your hometown of Sydney's Western Suburbs how have you found the local scene/support to be in comparison to the City and other regions?

Brett says: We all like our home-town, as we have our own little fan base here. I suppose you could call it. The western Sydney scene is very old school, and we aren’t, so sometimes it can get kinda frustrating. But we like going to places that we've never played before as people don’t have expectations, so then they can decide if they like us on their own accord, not hear something from their friends and decide wether they will like us…

Cindy says: Were you all in a high school band together or did the band form elsewhere?

Brett says: Nah, Dan and I grew up together since we were little kids; our parents have been friends since I was like, 6. The rest of the guys except Ant go to school with Dan so that’s how we found them.

Cindy says: Ok, and how long ago did the band form?

Brett says: We’ve been around for almost 2 years now

Cindy says: In that time, has the band had any previous releases or future recording plans in sight?

Brett says: No previous releases (except a 5-track demo that should never see the light of day!) But we have plans to go into the studio this January to start work on our debut E.P which we are really looking forward to.

Cindy says: Are there any stories behind how the band name 'All In Favour' was claimed?

Brett says: hahahaha yeah if you could call it a story, myself and Dan were sitting around his house one winter morning going "how about this for a name" and id be like "nah that’s gay" and just out of no where popped "all in favour" and I just go "yeah man that’s the one". I wish I had a better story to tell cos that’s piss weak but that’s how it happened.

Cindy says: hahahh cool, you're name doesn't really pigeon hole your band to a style so that's a bonus, but if you (like now) have the chance to categorise the band's style, what would be the target?

Brett says: I’d say pop punk with edge. Most of us are listening to a lot more heavier music and what we listen to influences how we write to a certain extent.

Cindy says: Yeah as time goes by + the progression of band's come it's only natural eh... What would the band's greatest achievement to-date be?

Brett says: All of us being happy and knowing that this is what we want to do! We can’t ask for more than that - anything else is a bonus.

Cindy says: Above you spoke about your influences changing, band wise, what were some of the musical influences behind the creation of All In Favour, and the ones that have had an impact since the formation

Brett says: It’s different for all of us, But New Found Glory have definatley been an influence on all of us, singlally, Dan and Luke - strung out for sure, with me, lyric wise, its bands like dashboard confessional and the used. I think those two bands are brilliant! Anthony has a whole different range of stuff; he’s really into the transplants at the moment. Where as Marcus is into bands like Thursday and to many other bands to mention…

Cindy says: So there's definatley a diverse range in there branched from the pop punk! Shrinking it down, if you had to choose three bands to play along side, who would they be?

Brett says: Um, I’m just going say my preference as I can’t really speak for the rest...... But that’s a hard one, I think The Used would be one for sure , Mest and the Starting Line.

Cindy says: Kick ass choice, the Starting Line are awesome!!!

What are 3 bands All In Favour have played with in the past?

Brett says: Agent Felix (USA), One Dollar Short and For Amusement Only.

Cindy says: What was the last gig you went to the band didn't play at?

Brett says: A band in our local town called ‘Faux Pas’. They are a bunch of young guys who are probably the best thing to come out of Penrith at the moment.

Cindy says: – C.D you brought?

Brett says: The used - self titled

Cindy says: All time favourite disc?

Brett says: Mxpx - life in general without a doubt!

Cindy says: Where do you see the band in 12-18 months time?

Brett says: We will hopefully have a lot of touring under our belts with lots more to come with a couple of ep’s. And of course, still having a good time!

Cindy says: Is there a website we can catch All In Favour on?

Brett says: yeah its under construction at the moment but it will be back up in the next few days.

Cindy says: O.K have you got any words to sum up All In Favour?

Brett says: nah not really we are just a bunch of guys who like energetic music and like to have a good time and get up to no good .

Cindy says:hahah what's new eh? Thanks Brett!!!!

Brett says: Anytime Cindy