Cindy catches up with Antiskeptic. Antiskeptic
Article By Cindy James on Jun 25, 2002

Cindy: So what’s the current line-up of Antiskeptic and who plays what instruments in the band?

Nick: Andrew Kitchen-Guitar/Vox, Nick Coppin-Drums, Sean Daly-Bass/Vox

Cindy: Where you guys in a high school band together, or was the group formed else where?

Nick: It was originally formed as a side project from a band that Sean and Andrew were in…it was never intended to get this big!

Cindy: How did the name Antiskeptic come about?

Nick: It’s just a play with words, Andrew saw a bottle of Antiseptic and thought ‘…hmmm, there’s something in that.’ We thought it was good cos it gave a very positive vibe which is what we’re in to.

Cindy: Being a Melbourne based band do you find much support from your hometown with gig venues promotions etc?

Nick: Yeah I guess they’re coming around because we have built such a solid fan base, so they’re starting to sit up and take notice!

Cindy: What would some of the musical influences behind Antiskeptic consist of?

Nick: Um…Everything! Here’s a few: Helmet, Foo Fighters, Bodyjar, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Counting Crows, Silverchair, Phil Collins, Deftones.

Cindy: Can you categorise Antiskeptic into a certain style?

Nick: I just say we’re Rock…maybe Energetic Rock!

Cindy: You guys have just been added to the M-one line up along side such big named acts like Garbage, Life house and Billy Idol!!!! Can you tell us a bit about this concert and how you guys landed on the bill?

Nick: Basically Triple M got sent our new single ‘Called’ and put it on High Night Rotation straight away! Apparantly this is unheard of for such an independent band and it was something we never expected. The reviews and request for the song have been hugely positive, so the next thing we know is, we’ve been asked to go national with the m-one festival which is pretty exciting!

Cindy: Your debut album “Memoirs of A common Man” has just been released with you’re the second single “Called” receiving the number 1 most downloaded song on as well as high rotation on Triple M! Can you tell us about the single and if there will be a film clip to follow?

Nick: The song ‘Called’ to put it shortly is about frustration with people who say one thing and then do the other. We will be shooting the video for this next week with a guy who worked on the new One Dollar Short and Tiltmeter clips.

Cindy: How many singles are anticipated for release off this album?

Nick: I really think it could go to about 4…there’s so many it’s hard to pick, haha!

Cindy: How many previous releases does the band have and are they distributed throughout Australia? If not are they available for purchase online?

Nick: Our first promo EP sold out of 1,000 copies, our first single ‘Change My Way’s’, album ‘Memoirs of a Common Man’ and second single ‘Called’ are all distributed by MGM but are available online through our label at

Cindy: Is there a single member that writes most of the music and lyrics in the band or is it a shared job?

Nick: We leave it to Andrew…I just don’t want to mess with the formula, I think he’s an amazing songwriter so I leave him to it. Seany likes to experiment with things, but he has started a hardcore side project which is his outlet.

Cindy: They lyrics off this album sound like they’re coming from an emotional point of view, are they inspired by real people or events, and if so, anyone/thing in particular?

Nick: I guess Andrew just writes about life around him and that may include people he comes across, so be careful guy’s, don’t cross him or else you may be the next hit on Triple M.

Cindy: Being a Christian influenced band, do you feel your beliefs are coming across through your music?

Nick: Yeah I think so, cos being a follower of Jesus is a pretty important part of our life so it’s going to be natural to come out in our music.

Cindy: Can you tell us a bit about Seans rad little goatie, and is there any inspiration behind it?

Nick: Dude, that’s not a goatee it’s a birth mark!

Cindy: A tour in relation to your CD launch is about to kick off at the end of this week with Sydney siders Secondbest coming along for the ride, will this tour be bringing the band to places not yet ventured or are you guys sticking to the basic East Coast route?

Nick: We’re just sticking to capital cities this time around, we’ve done regional areas before so hopefully we might get to go back.

Cindy: Is there a particular reason you guys are playing only two all ages shows on this brief tour?

Nick: Just time restrictions, but we will definetly get back to Sydney to do an underage and I think Adelaide is an all-ages event so it’ll be all cool for everyone to see us!

Cindy: *5 Quick questions
- Boxers or Briefs?

Nick: Boxers…andrew wears old skanky briefs though!

Cindy: 1 chosen food to eat the rest of your life?

Nick: Mexican! Man I would smell though!

Cindy: Fast driving or cruisin’?

Nick: I have a need for speed bro!

Cindy: Piercings or tattoos?

Nick: I’m actually more in to tattoos even though none of us have one!

Cindy: Moshing, skankin’ or watching?

Nick: Watching

Cindy: What was the last gig you went to that you’s didn’t play at?

Nick: Motorace at the Hi-Fi Bar Melbourne

Cindy:– C.D you brought?

Nick: Pedro the Lion-winners never quit

Cindy: All time favourite CD?

Nick: Jimmy Eat World-Clarity

Cindy: Where do you see yourself in 12-18 months?

Nick: Hopefully in the realm of the top Aussie bands like Motorace, Grinspoon, Jebediah etc. I’d also love to go overseas.

Cindy:Is there a website we can catch Antiskeptic on?


Cindy: O.K have you got any words to sum up Antiskeptic??

Nick: Not to heavy, not to light, we’re just right!