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Article By Cindy James on Feb 25, 2003



  1. What’s the current line-up of Away From Now and who plays what in the band?

    Justin Bond– drums, Chris Cowen – bass & vocals, Darren Gibson – Guitar & vocals, Mark Fergus – guitar and Luke Wilson Vocals,

  3. You guys have played along side quite a few well known artist in your short time together, including Hot Water Music, Sommerset (NZ), Blueline Medic, Irrelevant, Day Of Contempt, Throwdown (USA), Bodyjar and Change of Face to name a few, are there any highlights that particually stick out in mind?

    The stand-out shows/tours have been the ones where the bands we have played with have been really approachable. We do look up to these bands and it’s reassuring to know they are friendly people with similar ideas and interests. I would say the Sommerset tour, the Hot Water Music show (Arthouse in Melbourne) and the W.A. tour with Change of Face will be memorable for that reason. The bonus for those shows was the size of crowds and the exposure we gained from them.

  4. How did Away From Now start?

    Pretty typically with Luke and myself starting at school and then picking up someone here or there along the way. The idea that brought the current line-up together was to play fast, aggressive, meaningful and overall rocking music while having as much fun as possible.

  5. Can you tell us a bit about the scene in your home-town of Melbourne and is there a large fan base generated for Away From Now?

    The scene here is pretty good. We didn’t know how good until we travelled a bit and saw what other states had to offer. A lot of people come to shows and support new bands. We have been slowly building a following and regularly have good numbers at shows. There’s usually a loyal gathering mixed with a few curious people. We’re pretty proud of the things we do and appreciate those who regularly support us. The band scene is unbelievable as well. We get to play alongside so many great bands from all styles of punk/hardcore and enjoy mixing it up with them. They make the shows really enjoyable!

  6. Are there any Melb bands we should keep our eyes out for?

    Some of these bands to listen out for are One Last Excuse, Bullet the Blue Sky, Days of Iris, Another Way, Identity Theft, and Horsell Common just to name a few.


  7. Can you tell us about your recent tour to Perth went and how/if the scene differs from there?

    Jeez that was a fun experience. That place is unreal. The people there are really supportive and I guess because of the isolation don’t suffer from the competitive scenester type behaviour that sometimes creaps into eastern state scenes. We played shows with hardcore, punk and ska bands which was really well supported four nights in a row. We are hoping to return there as soon as possible. The main aspect that is so attractive is that the shows are spread out from Margaret River to Perth. We also had a tour manager (Todd from Artax Entertainment) who looked after accommodation and all that crap you normally have to do yourself, and that made the tour even more enjoyable.

  8. Any bands in particular that made you sit up a take notice?

    I really liked Change of Face who we toured with. PC Thug were really good as well as …Eleventh He Reaches London. Seriously though we couldn’t knock any of the bands we played with, they were all good.

  9. I hear your debut EP Shadows Allude Invade is selling faster than hot cakes on a Sunday morning, who can blame it? It’s an awesome disc. Are there any future plans to head into the studio to record a follow up?

    Yep. We are back in around the same time this year. We are thinking six tracks at this stage with maybe a little something different to offer.

  10. What are some of the music influences behind some of the members of Away From Now?

    I think you could list just about anything here. We are a very collective bunch of guys. None of us really listens to specifically one brand of music so we end up with an ecclective list to long to write.

  11. Who’s had the biggest influence on you in your career?

    Melbourne bands.


  12. How did the band name come about?

    A couple of us had been trying to come up with something original for a while and it took a few beers to bring it out of us one night….well a few more than a few actually.

  13. For you, what’s been an Away From Now highlight?

    Playing shows with our friends, having a whole bunch of fun, touring and meeting heaps of cool people we never would have met otherwise.

  14. What’s the last CD you brought?

    Personally it was ‘Original Pirate Material’ by The Streets but I don’t speak for the band on that one because they aren’t really into that.

  15. All time favourite disc?

    It is probably going to be metal and again I’m representing myself here again but either ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica, ‘Rust in Peace’, by Megadeth or ‘Fuel’ by Raised Fist.

  16. An ultimate festival band line-up (you can choose any band)

    To make it ultimate for us we would be on it because that’s a dream of ours. From there I would go Mid Youth Crisis (who would reunite for that one), Propaghandi, Shai Hallud, Heartfelt Self (who would also reunite), Conation (which Luke would want), Pink Floyd (I know Chris and Mark would like that), Lagwagon (for Justin and Myself)….I could go on forever…..

  17. Where do you see Away From Now in 12-18 months time?

    Hopefully continuing to move forward as we have been, both direction of music and goals.

  18. Is there a website we can catch the band on?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks Cindy,

Darren, AFN.